Terms and Conditions of use


We know that Terms and Conditions are not exactly exciting so we will keep it serious and fun. We really want to ensure you know what you are getting yourself into. Sign Up with ReDIY means that you agree to these so get reading. Read our definitions below:-

  • 1- ReDIY”, “us”, “we”, “our” means Cloudpm Pty Ltd T/as ReDIY, ACN No 612 361 761.
  • 2- ReDIY (the service) is an online platform to advertise to rent or sell your property privately. URL is and is referred to as ReDIY.
  • 3- ReDIY”, “us”, “we”, “our” means Directors, employees and representatives.
  • 4- Landlord”, “Private Seller”, “you”, “user” means a customer of our service or an entity representing a customer of our service.
  • 5- Advertisement”, means any or all text, photos, videos.
  • 6- Terms and Conditions” means these Terms and Conditions of Use and our Privacy Policy.
  • 7- Or Keep it Simple if it is not you its probably us.


ReDIY is an advertising site, acting as an aggregator to major real estate portals. As we are a Subscriber, we have subscriptions with these portals.

We assist Private Sellers and Private Landlords to sell or rent their property privately by advertising their property with us to get access to the Major Real Estate Sites.

Our site has been built in such a way that sends a direct XML feed to all the 3rd party sites. Your property will be listed on ReDIY and all the information that is displayed in our site will be mirrored on the 3rd party sites. As it is a direct feed, it is compulsory that all the mandatory fields be filled out before the property is exported to the 3rd party sites. It is essential that you take your time and are accurate with your advertisement. The information you enter on our site is displayed on all the 3rd party sites. The feed is pulled by these other sites on a regular basis. All changes generally take effect in less than 5 minutes. If there is an issue with the 3rd party sites that are pulling our data, it can take longer. This is out of our control.

If you don't fill out the fields then there is no data to send. No data no ad. So when it flashes Red and tells you it is needed it is actually needed. EG a Main Photo image at required, I wonder why hahaa.

As we are a the subscriber, we must receive all enquiry on your behalf. We then forward it directly to you so that you can deal with the prospective tenant or buyer. The enquiry details will be sent to you via email and will also land directly on your dashboard on our website. You can chat to them on our site via our messenger component or you can phone or email them to communicate.

Let’s think about this? We have the subscription so ReDIY that is “Us.” Remember, haha. So they call us, from there, we explain to them that “They” will speak to you. Did we explain “They?” Oh, no we did not. “They” are property purchasers and tenants. So They contact US and then You Speak to Them. They contact us and we pass to you! Then you take it from there. That makes more sense.

Each of the websites that we use have their own terms and conditions. We must adhere strictly to these and abide by them 100%. You will find a link to each of these terms and conditions here. The 2 major ones that we have to ensure strict compliance with are and had a very strict policy that you could only advertise on their site as a Real Estate Agency. Not so now for Private Landlords. We have a subscription to these sites. Using your private phone number, email or a personal call to action is strictly prohibited. If this is breached, we will make the adjustments on our end, as a part of our quality control. In the event that it is breached for the second time, your advertisement will be removed and no refund will be given.

We are strict on these to protect us and you. will pull your ad down if you break the rules we have discussed. Keep Calm we have made sure we have employed only the happiest people to take the initial call on your behalf. So please make sure not to. Put your name, phone number, email, or any links in your ad!

On these third party sites, it is listed as a property that is advertised by ReDIY.

It is us not you :)

In order to use our site, you must be the legal owner of the property, be duly authorised by the owner of the property, sign up to our site and agree to these terms and conditions. We are only an aggregator for Private users. We have to adhere to this policy. If you are not the owner of the property but are acting as an agent/agency on our site, you run the risk of having your advertisement removed. We are committed to abide by the terms and conditions of and will do all to ensure that these terms are not breached.

What you mean I can not sell or lease out someone else's property? Ok sounds Fair Enough

If you are the owner of several properties which you are wanting to advertise, they must be listed separately. All properties should show the correct address, including each unit number. If you are wanting to put more than 1 property on, you may be eligible for a discount. Please contact us prior to placing your advertisement/s. As a breach to our terms, the property, if not amended to fit within our guidelines, will be removed and no refund given

If you have multiple properties they have to be advertised separately. This goes for land subdivisions and developments. Don’t worry if you need to put up a lot we can give you a good price haha

Rent to buy, holiday letting, rental swaps, buying swaps are not permitted as they are outside of the terms and conditions of the major real estate sites and are not permitted on our site. As a breach to our terms, the property, if not amended to fit within our guidelines, will be removed and no refund given.

We can not allow Holiday Letting short term rentals or rent to buy! We are here for a long time not a short time so these properties are not allowed on our site :)

The term commences when you sign up to our site and signifies that you agree to these terms and conditions. The payment is a one off payment for the advertisement of the property and it remains on all sites until you advise that it has been leased, sold or withdrawn by you. Once the property is sold or leased, your sign in remains inactive until you require our services again. We will not provide a refund or re-imbursement if any of these terms and conditions are not adhered to. If you adhere to our terms but have an issue that we cannot rectify, we will offer a re-imbursement or refund.

When you sign up you agree with the terms. If we cannot rectify an issue that is on our end we will give you a refund.We have an awesome web team however software is software. In this rare event we put you first.

The way our site acts is to simply give you the tools as a “Do it yourself Landlord or Seller.” The leasing or selling of your property is up to you. There are many variables to take into consideration that can ultimately affect the outcome of your property sale or leasing. We can guide you in what steps to take to improve your advertisement, if need be. However, we can take no responsibility for the outcome that you achieve.

Ok so we will not get upset over things that we have no control over and one of those is what you price you put a property up for or how you advertise it. So we can not take control of the result. We provide a platform that gets results for a high percentage of people. Keep this in mind we are not guaranteeing a result. Many things influence the Real Estate market, keep that it in mind.

Our payment terms and methods is fairly simple. Firstly, we use a premium SSL certificate to ensure our site is 100% secure when making an online payment. The 3rd party payment gateway we use is called Stripe. We link via an API so that you can make the payment on site. The payment will be made for advertising at the time of exporting the data to the major portals. The payment will be reflected instantly and you will be emailed a receipt for tax purposes, if required.

No joking on this one as it is not funny to joke about online security when it comes to payments! STRIPE is the most secure and that is why we chose it!

Your Username and Password is your choice and you are responsible for the security of such. We do not have access to your password. If your password is forgotten, we can only reset it for you.

In short don’t forget your password. If you do you can always reset it. We do not store passwords.

The price we charge for advertising your property is available on our web site. The prices are shown exclusive of GST. If any changes are made to our pricing structure, they will be displayed on our web site.

The price is what is displayed on our Homepage. If our price changes you will see it on the homepage. The only reason it would change is in the event our running costs change :) Hope you understand?

As we are running a web based company, there can sometimes be technical issues. These issues are defined as user issues and bugs. A user issue is when a user is unable to navigate our site. This is not an issue with our site. We have chat support and phone support to assist you with these issues. We will endeavour to assist as quickly as possible. A bug is when there has been an issue with our site. We always try to fix a bug as quickly as possible. There are so many factors that can cause a bug. These can be lodged on site and the issue will be raised with our technical team. These issues are very rare and we attempt to have them fixed on the same day. However, sometimes it can take up to 24 hours to rectify.

Hhahaha! User errors are just usually someone learning the system as it may be there first time. Don’t worry we have made it easy but if you still need help we are here. A Software Bug is an annoying bug that can cause a weird error. Be have a big can of Bug Spray to stop this as much as possible. If you see what you think is a Bug then we would love you to report it.

Initially we make money from the advertisement, as it is placed. For buyers, tenants, sellers and landlords there are extra upsells that can be purchased by choice by the consumer. They are not mandatory and the choice lies with the consumer. We have affiliate companies that we are associated with. You will have access to these as a user of ReDIY. Whether you choose to use their service is again up to you, as the consumer. If you do choose to use their service, we will receive a small referral fee, paid to us by the company, not yourself. This will not be added on to their normal fees. By providing them with an opportunity, they save on their advertising expenses. Therefore, they can afford to pay us a referral fee which is absorbed by them entirely.

Just letting you know that we make money from the upfront cost of the ad. We have other extras throughout ReDIY that are optional. You can always say no to the fries :)

We reserve the right to change all or part of these Terms and Conditions by amending them on our website.

If we need to change terms in the future we will and we will notify current users of the updated t’s and c’s