Why are good photos important when selling a property privately?

They are there to capture attention away from the competition.

With online advertising now, the advertisement, especially the photos, is like them having a first inspection. Many people are time poor. Searching for property on Realestate.com.au gives them the opportunity to determine which properties they will inspect or and which they will dismiss.

Don't have a good Camera?

Using a good quality camera is vitally important. If you do not have one, ask relatives, friends or neighbours if they have one that you could borrow.

There are many companies who, for less than $200 will provide you with up to 12 professional photos. A floor plan and aerial shots are also included in some of their packages.

What photos should be taken?

What photos you take are just as important as the quality of the photos.

The first or main photo appears on the first page of the online advertisement. It needs to make buyers proceed to look at all photos and read the full text on the second page. Think about the most appealing aspect of the property and make this the main photo. This could be a spacious, renovated kitchen, a city view from the deck, a light and airy living room. During a hot summer, a sparkling pool would look inviting. Likewise, a fire burning in the cosy living room will capture the hearts on a cold wintry day. The rest of the photos should tell a story of the features of the home. Many times, a bathroom or en-suite is difficult to photograph. Having the loo as a centrepiece is not the best. If it doesn't show the bathroom, to its advantage, don't include it. Before taking the photos, have a good look around to see what can be removed. Dishes, dish cloths on the sink should be removed as should dog beds and feeding bowls. Tidy the cushions and beds covers. Maybe some small items of furniture can be removed from the living room to make it appear larger. Adjust the curtains and blinds. All of these little things will make a difference in your photos. Perhaps a mixture of day and evening shots could be worth considering. It is all about making the property look as appealing as possible.

Selling a block of Land.

There are only so many photos you can take of a block of land. If you have some plans for the block, they are great to include in your ad. One thing worth considering, is if you can get an overhead shot or some drone shots of the block, that would be best. If you cannot do this, we have a team here that can assist with adjusting a Google earth photo to make it look appealing. A contour map is relevant to buyers. If the block is elevated and will cater for a view, whether it be city view, a leafy suburban view or a water view, perhaps take a photo of what the view would be, once the home was built.

Why are good photos important when selling a property privately?

A thousand words in one photo.

By having quality, appealing photos, you are creating a better perception of the property. If you can get the buyer to believe the property is worth more, by creating a better first impression, they are more likely to pay more. The reverse effect will take place if you have bad photos. They may make a decision not to come and even have a look at the property. If you need help with editing photos, to enhance them, we at ReDIY can do this, for a small fee. Let your property "Stand out now" and use great photos!

Descriptive and informative text.

The text and the photos go hand in hand. Short, dull text will counteract great photos. The advertising text needs to be descriptive and informative, detailing the best features of the home and the location of the home. Search Realestate.com.au for advertisements of similar properties or similar locations. This will give you some inspiration. Look at the competition. Compare their features to yours. A feature of your property that the competition does not have, is worth including. The advertisement can be written in essay format or with bullet points. Online advertising, shows the opening sentences on the first page. It is therefore important to have a great start to your advertisement. Mention all of the extras such as Heating, Air Conditioning, Ceiling Fans, Dishwasher, En-suite or second toilet, Outdoor Entertaining Areas, Carpet or Floorboards, Fencing and Car Accomodation. The location and its proximity to shops, schools, public transport and freeway access are all important to buyers. Young families are keen to buy in catchments of popular schools so, if the property is located in one, highlight this in your advertisement.

Photos and text - Tick.

The most important thing to now consider is what online advertising to do.

Realestate.com.au is far and away the best site to advertise on, However, their site is mostly for Real Estate Agencies only.

ReDIY can advertise your property on Realestate.com.au, Domain.com.au. as well as 8 other sites for a low, one off advertising fee.

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