Where can I advertise my Rental Property Privately

Where can I advertise my Rental Property

Where can I advertise my Rental Property, to lease privately, no Agent?

That depends on the amount of exposure you are looking for and how quickly you need to find a tenant. With ReDIY, you can advertise your private rental on all the major rental sites and lease the property privately.

Certainly, online advertising, on the major Real Estate Sites, to Rent Privately, without an Agent, is the way to go. Let's look at the options.

Online advertising options for Private Landlords to rent property privately.

There is the Gumtree site.
A free option. Be honest with yourself, is this the first site that would spring to mind, if you were a tenant, looking for a new rental property? The answer is "Probably not." It is a great site, and one that many of us visit regularly - perhaps to sell or buy a second hand item, at a low price.

There are free Real Estate Sites.

Rent.com does have a free basic package. Rentfind.com.au is sort of free, after you pay an annual subscription. That is it, I'm sorry. Yes, there are other free sites. Unfortunately, most of these are for Licensed Real Estate Agents or subscription holders. Yes they are free, but you need an Agent, in most cases, to have access to them. Nothing is really free in this life, there is always a catch. ReDIY can advertise your private rental on realestate.com.audomain.com.aurent.com.au and rentfind.com.au as well as other Real Estate sites, for a one, off low fee.

The free sites for Real Estate Agents


These are some of the bonus sites that Real Estate Agents have access to.
They do not admit to their clients, that they are free.  They let them think they are doing them a favour by giving bonus sites. They are allhomes.com.auproperty.com.au, onthehouse.com.auhomely.com.ausquizz.com.auhomehound.com.au, homesales.com.au and thehomepage.com.au. Doesn't seem fair, does it? Seems biased towards Agencies who want your business. Making it difficult to Do It Yourself. Advertise your rental on all these sites, plus more, with ReDIY.

Now we have the paid real estate sites.

The two major sites, for Property seekers, are realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. There is no question about this.

Domain does allow Private Landlords to access their site to advertise their rental property. Their costs are for a 2-week advertisement - $254.10, and for a 4-week advertisement - $387.20. If not leased in the selected time frame, you pay again. You are paying for no guarantee of a result. The good news is coming, don't get disheartened yet. ReDIY can advertise your rental on Domain.com.au PLUS realestate.com.au  and others for one low fee, until leased.

First, more bad news, I'm afraid. Realestate.com.au only used to allow Real Estate Agencies to advertise on their site. The Agents were required to be licensed and pay an annual subscription. They can justify these high costs with the volume of listings that they advertise. Also, in the majority of cases, the client pays.

I promised you, the Private Landlord, good news, and here it is.

They do now permit Private Landlords to advertise on their site, but at a cost.

ReDIY can advertise your private rental property, for you, on all of the online major Real Estate sites, for a low one off fee. How can we do this? We can access the paid sites and the free sites.

ReDIY giving Private Landlords access to all of these dedicated Real Estate Sites.

ReDIY will advertise your private rental property, so you can lease your property privately, without an Agent as a Private Rental on Realestate.com.auDomain.com.aurent.com.aurentfind.com,au, allhomes.com.auonthehouse.com.auhomely.com.ausquizz.com.auhomehound.com.auhomesales.com.au and thehomepage.com.au. Yes, that's right all sites for one low cost. Refer to our homepage. There is more good news. There is no time frame. Your Private Rental advertisement remains on all sites until it is leased by you, the Private Landlord, without an Agent.

Where can Private Landlords advertise a Private Rental Property?

The correct answer is with ReDIY. Without doubt. To find a good quality tenant, fast, you need to advertise it on realestate.com.au and domain.com.au. Your advertisement will not only be on the most visited sites - realestate.com.au and domain.com.au, it will appear on all 8 of the other online real estate sites. The more exposure that you give to your private rental property, the more enquiries will come. More enquiries means you have a choice - to select the best possible tenant in the shortest amount of time.

ReDIY has many features for Private Renters to rent a property privately, without an Agent.

Due to the terms of Realestate.com.au, the advertisement is not permitted to contain personal contact information.  Therefore the initial enquiry must come via the third party site that Private Landlords use to advertise their rental property, privately.   With ReDIY, Private Landlords get their tenant enquiries, as and when they come in.  They are emailed to the Private Landlord, just as all third party companies do.  ReDIY also enters them into the Private Landlords’ property dashboard, on-site.  The private landlord can access these enquiries 24/7 from any device.  ReDIY Private Landlords do not have to wait for the business hours of the third party site to access their tenant enquiries.

ReDIY has extended support hours for Private Landlords who rent a property privately.

Enquiries are forwarded to our Private Landlords from 8am to 10pm, 7 days a week. (EST Time)  Enquiries that may come in after midnight are passed on first thing in the morning.  ReDIY has staff that can be contacted by our Private Landlords and Tenants by phone, email, or on our Chat function from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 6pm on weekends.  Quite frequently, staff are available on the chat function outside of these hours, to assist our Private Landlords to rent their property privately, without an Agent.

Private Landlords selecting Tenants carefully, doing a TICA Check.

ReDIY can conduct a TICA Check on potential tenants, for Private Landlords, for a low cost.   This is a search of the National Tenancy Database.  Any Tenants with a former delinquent rental history are listed on this database by Real Estate Agents and Landlords.  This ensures that the selected applicant has no previous bad rental history.  Peace of mind for the Private Landlord, when doing Private Rentals, without an Agent.

ReDIY has an amazing Application Process for Tenants to submit their Tenancy Application to our Private Landlords.

Potential Tenants can sign into the ReDIY site and submit their tenancy application direct to the Private Landlord, through the Private Landlords’ property dashboard.  Our Private Landlords can process the application online.  Reference checks are automated to send an email to employees, previous real estate agents and Landlords.  These come back directly into the Property dashboard.  A very fast, efficient, easy to use the feature.

Private Landlords, For Rent/Lease By Owners, are Leasing Property Privately, with No Agents, advertising on the major real estate sites, attracting lots of tenant enquiry, loving the application process, selecting good quality tenants, renting privately in a short time frame and saving lots of money with ReDIY.

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