Where can I advertise my property for Private Sale

  Where can I advertise my property for Private Sale?

If you do not let buyers know that it is for sale, how can they buy it? There's a well used saying in Real Estate. How can you sell a secret? This is used to convince sellers that they need to spend thousands of dollars on marketing. Obviously the more marketing of a property, the more exposure for the Agent. You do not need to spend thousands and you do not need to market yourself.

Advertising on the major sites with ReDIY..

The property needs to be advertised where genuine buyers will find it. Newspaper advertising is no longer necessary. It is all about the Internet. The two major Real Estate sites are Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au

Can Private Sellers list on Realestate.com.au

Realestate.com.au market themselves as Australia's #1 place for property with over 1,000,000 visits every day. However, to advertise your property for sale or for rent on Realestate.com.au, you needed to hold a registered real estate licence. Note: Private listers (owners or vendors) cannot advertise property directly on Realestate.com.au. (This is taken directly from their website.) Keep reading, However, they are now permitting Private Landlords to advertise. Is it only a matter of time before Private Sellers are permitted too? ReDIY can advertise your property on Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au.

How long does the advertisement remain on Domain.com.au with ReDIY?

Domain.com.au market that they can give exposure to 5.9 million property seekers each month and up to 3.4 million in another page on their website. Whatever the number, it is a lot. Private landlords can advertise directly on their web site. However, the costs range from $600 to $700 in increments of either 8 weeks or 12 weeks. So, if you do not find a buyer within the time frame, you pay again. ReDIY can list your property for sale on Domain.com.au and Realestate.com.au for a lot less, half the price. You only pay once, for both sites, and it remains there until sold.

Does ReDIY charge for each real estate site?

No. A one-off fee covers all sites. There are other dedicated real estate sites, such as homesales, allhomes property,homely, and more. With ReDIY, your advertisement will be listed on Realestate.com.au, Domain.com.au and these other dedicated real estate sites, all for one low price, until sold. Genuine buyers seek properties on the major real estate sites, where they will find properties for sale. Gumtree is not the usual place that you would expect to find a home for sale. You would look on gumtree if you were wanting to purchase a second-hand desk or such.

Why would ReDIY want to help Private Sellers and not charge commission?

The next question you may ask is "Who is ReDIY?" We are Real Estate Do It Yourself. We have over 30 years of real estate experience in residential sales and rentals as Salespeople, Sales Managers and Owner/Licensee of Real Estate Offices. ReDIY understands you and what you are trying to achieve. We hold a realestate subscription which allows us to access Realestate.com.au. We understand that you wish to sell your property privately and we want to give you access to the sites, to advertise your property, find the right buyer and save on commission, as well as marketing costs. A great deal of experience, knowledge and expense has gone into our innovative website and there are many more tools coming, which will assist you with private sales. ReDIY is here to assist private landlords and sellers. We do not charge commission, let or management fees. We merely give you access to advertise your property on the major real estate sites.

Signing up to advertise with ReDIY on the major sites.

All you need to do is go to www.rediy.com.au create a username and password, enter your contact details, enter the advertising text, upload your photos, pay and then press "Go Live". Your property will be advertised on realestate.com and domain.com as well as the other sites, almost instantly. Because we are an approved uploader with these sites, what you enter in ReDIY goes automatically to their sites. Other companies have to utilise a third party to upload from their site to the Real Estate Portals. What you feed in is instant. You are not waiting for business hours to have your advertisement up. Also, without a third party, there is less room for error. Once your advertisement is live, you can log in into your dashboard on our website and make any changes and updates. This can be done, by you, from any device at any time of the day or night.

Chat with your Buyer Enquiry with ReDIY.

As Private Sellers are not permitted to directly advertise on realestate.com, our contact details, as the subscription holder, are on the advertisements. All enquiries that come in for your property will be entered on your dashboard. We will also send you an email. This allows you to then directly deal with the prospective buyers. If the buyer chooses to sign in to our site, you can both access our chat function and chat directly to them. We have staff on the phone, email and chat function from 8am to 10pm (Brisbane time) business days and 9am to 8pm on weekends. Any enquiries that come in before 10pm are forwarded directly to you. Enquiries after 10pm will be sent to you first thing in the morning.

Address -v- No address?

When entering the details for your advertisement, you will have the option to hide the address of the property or have it visible. The choice is yours. If the address is hidden, it will just show the suburb. Lots of buyers want to refer to the map, so when the address is shown, they can see the location on the map and can determine if this is an ideal location for them. The map function on these major sites also allows buyers to check out other properties on the market in the surrounding area. If there were a property 2 streets away, for sale, and they are browsing the details of that one, they can hit the function and see what other properties are available. Yours would come up if the address is shown. Therefore, it has advantages of having the full address visible.

Price -v- No Price..

You will have a choice whether to display an asking price or not. If you select not to show a price, you will need to enter a price range. This is not visible. However, a range must be entered. This allows buyers to search within a price range. The range can be wide. The bottom of the range needs to be at a price which would be acceptable to you.

ReDIY's hints for Opens

Open for inspection dates can be entered and updated by you whenever it is required. If you decide to conduct the inspections by "Open House" consider that most Real Estate Agents conduct theirs on Saturday mornings. This creates competition for the time slot. It is worth considering a Sunday afternoon or a weekday evening, outside of business hours, as well as the Saturday morning. This is giving buyers the option to attend at a time when they are relaxed and not rushed. You may also choose to conduct inspections by appointment with each enquiry. This is entirely up to you.

Buyers inspect many properties, how do they remember each?

Handing a brochure of the property to all the buyers who inspect the property is advantageous. They often inspect several properties each day. This is a good reminder of the features of the property. We can organise this for you.

A 24 hour salesperson is working to sell your property..

A signboard is a 24-hour salesperson. Buyers often buy within 5 km of where they are currently living. Over the years, I have sold many properties to neighbours, even the next door one. I sold a home to a couple who walked their dog past a particular home every day. They often admired it and thought that if it ever came on the market, they would want to buy it.

They were not actively looking for a new home, at the time. To their delight, one morning they noticed the for sale sign. They contacted me and bought the property on the same day.

List you private sale with ReDIYon Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au

Advertising your private sale on Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au with ReDIY is the best way to sell your property privately.

We are ReDIY your complete DIY Property Solution. Our Real Estate Wbesite is dedicated to helping only private landlords and property sellers achieve their Real Estate Goals. Through our innovative website you can advertise your property instantly on all the Major Real Estate websites like RealEstate.com.au and Domain.com.au. Buyers and tenants can enquire through our live chat function 24/7 so you will never miss an important enquiry. We have many other tools to make your DIY journey a smooth one so sign up for Free and start exploring now.