What is the best way to sell without an agent?

Preparation is the key to Selling Privately.

Prepare the Property.

The property needs to be presented in its best light. That means inside and out. First impressions count. Let's be honest with ourselves here. You have loved living in your property but there are probably some little things that you have lived with that could be attended to. Let's start on the outside. Some minor, low-cost things that can be done are: mow the lawn and edge, cut back trees and shrubs, plant some new plants, weed the garden and path, pressure clean the driveway, remove garden waste, fix the broken latch on the front gate, put a battery in the doorbell, place a planter box with a fresh-smelling plant and a welcome mat at the front entrance. Attending all of these items, will create a great first impression on all prospective buyers. Inside the home, needs to be fresh smelling, clean and de-cluttered. Little things that can be done are: professionally clean carpets, fix leaking taps, ensure all electrical points and lights are working, touch up paintwork, clean and re-grout around taps, remove cobwebs and perhaps remove a few items of furniture to give the feeling of space. As a buyer walks through a property, even if they love it, they are programmed to look for maintenance issues so that they can justify to themselves and to you to why the price is too high. Eliminate all the small ones, and their list becomes less daunting and less justifiable.

Prepare the Advertising

The property is now ready for photography. Good quality photos are essential. With online advertising, they become a buyers' first inspection. Use a good quality camera. Borrow one, if need be. The other option is to engage a professional photographer. This is normally a few hundred dollars and includes a floor plan. Have some daylight and sunset photos for displaying different aspects of the property. Take photos of the best feature of the home. Note that with online advertising, the first photo is the one that appears on the front page. It needs to allure buyers to go to the second page.

The text can be written in storybook fashion or with bullet points. Whichever you choose, make it informative, descriptive, and appealing. Look on Realestate, for inspiration, at similar properties in similar areas. Note all the benefits and features of the property and its location. You bought it, probably for a particular reason, mention this. This could very well be the reason that your buyer will buy it.

Pricing the Property.

Again look on Realestate.com.au for comparable properties, in similar locations, to see what the competition is. Visit some local "Opens". It is vitally important to do pricing research to assist you in pricing your property for sale. You do not want to miss the mark, by asking too little or too much.

What is the best way to sell without an agent?

DIY Online Advertising.

With the advent of the internet, you need to find a DIY property website that will give you access to the major real estate websites. Newspaper advertising is a thing of the past. What you need is at least the major 2 online Real Estate advertising sites that attract the most traffic.

Realestate is, by far, the most popular site for property. However, they do not allow private sellers, access to their site. Licensed Real Estate Agents and approved advertisers can advertise on their site. We can advertise your property on Realestate.

Domain.com.au has a large following in some southern states. This is also a very popular site for buyers.

ReDIY is an innovative site that gives you access to these sites plus bonus sites, all for a one-off low fee. Visit our homepage for our pricing.

ReDIY is ready, willing and able.

Our site has been built with an XML feed and as a bulk uploader to the major sites. This means that the text and photos you enter in our site, instantly feeds to all of the sites, when you select "upload". You have your own dashboard, within our site, where your text and photos are stored. You can access your dashboard, at any time of the day or night and from any device to make any changes or updates to your advertisement. This is particularly handy if you are out and about and need to enter an "Open for Inspection" time. It can be done from your mobile.

In summary, ReDIY can advertise your property on 8 sites, including Realestate and Domain for one low fee and the advertisement remains on all sites until sold.

So the best way to sell your property yourself is, to prepare the property to have it looking at its best, have good quality photographs, write informative text and advertise online on the two major real estate sites.

This will ensure you attract lots of good inquiry and the one buyer that you need to sell your property.

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