I have discussed the major real estate portals, previously, at length. and, the 2 sites that your property needs to be advertised on to get the most enquiry.Today I would like to give you some information on the Bonus sites that you can have access to. Today it is

Visit Website Now | (THP), including (MP), was born out of an identified gap in the market to provide FREE and innovative advertising solutions to vendors and real estate agents, with cost effective up-sell and branding products as the main source of revenue. This is what their website states, however you need to be an approved advertiser to access it.

With the current dominant players in the market continuously having to meet aggressive revenue targets to counter lost revenue in print (through the increase of monthly subscriptions or the introduction of new products that clutter the site and decrease the relevance of the consumers search and the user experience) the time is now for a new player to enter the market. (This has been taken from their website.) The Dominant players they are referring to are (majority-owned by NewsCorp Aust) and (Founded by the Fairfax Group)

Another free bonus site for Real Estate Agencies, to offer to their vendors. However, as with and many of the other bonus sites, you do have to be a Licensed Real Estate Agency or approved advertiser.

ReDIY is ready to help here.

We are not acting as a licensed Real Estate Agency, but an advertiser for Private Sellers and Private Landlords. on We are ReDIY (Real Estate Do It Yourself) to assist you to Do It Yourself. Rent or sell your own property. We just give you access to advertise your property on and plus other sites, all for a low, one off fee. Visit our homepage for our fees and the sites you can advertise on. Our site has an XML feed. This means that what you enter in our site, feeds automatically to ALL sites. Just one action and the advertisement is live on all sites. Your advertisement will remain on all sites until sold or leased. You can also make unlimited changes, 24/7 from any device.

We advertise on all major Real Estate websites: