I have written previously, about the major real estate portals

Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au. These 2 sites, are, by far the best sites to have your property advertised. ReDIY will advertise your property on these 2 major sites, as well at 8 other sites, for a low, one off fee.

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Today, I want to talk about one of these extra sites.

100% owned by the Australian real estate industry, Squiiz.com.au is providing everyone with a better online real estate search experience. It is another site for Real Estate Agencies to offer to their Vendors and Landlords. As with Realestate.com.au, you must have a contracted subscription. ReDIY has, so we can advertise your property on this site.

The Squizz.com.au website says:

The free Squiiz Portal is an exciting new real estate website which provides a fast and simple way to search for all types of property.

With all of the major real estate groups and independent agencies listing properties on Squiiz.com.au, you can browse a huge number of properties which are relevant for you. Simple search functionality will display properties beautifully on your phone, tablet or pc. Whilst your ‘MySquiiz’ account allows you to save Favourites and agent contacts etc.

The free Squiiz App, with patent applied ‘Mobility in the Moment’ technology, offers an even more unique way to search and find property. You can be notified by voice via your smartphone as you approach sale or rental properties matching your search criteria. Simply set your criteria and ‘Let Property Find You’ whilst you’re on the go.

ReDIY is ready to help here.

Apart from the major sites, Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au, why not utilise these extra sites to increase the exposure. They each have their place. But you cannot ignore the top 2. These sites are where most buyers and tenants are searching for property each day. These are the sites that, by far, attract the most enquiry.

We are ReDIY (Real Estate Do It Yourself) to assist you to Do It Yourself. Rent or sell your own property. We just give you access to advertise your property on Realestate.com.au and Domain.com.au plus other sites, all for a low, one off fee. Visit our homepage for our fees and the sites you can advertise on.

We advertise on all major Real Estate websites: