I would like to explain the sites on which we advertise your rental or sale property.

Before I commence, I must say something. When reading each of the sites, they all have a claim to fame. Australia's #1 real estate site for property seekers. "Over a million visits each day. Over 3 million visit each month. Australia's #1 rental site." How do you know which is the best site to advertise on?

Visit Website Now | and are undoubtedly the best sites to advertise on. These have been discussed, at length in previous articles. is another dedicated rental site, specialising in residential rental and holiday accommodation real estate properties all over Australia, including house rental, apartment rental and unit rental. Advertising for both property managers and private landlords is free after paying an annual subscription of $55. Payment of this subscription will have your property advertised on this site only. With ReDIY for a low, one off fee, your advertisement is on 10 sites, including the major 2, and is a good site for extra features. However, it does not receive the amount of enquiry as, or Their search option, for tenants, is not as advanced but the site is mobile friendly.

ReDIY is ready to assist. is a worthwhile site to have your rental property listed. With ReDIY, we not only give you access to,, and, we advertise your property on other dedicated real estate sites for the one low fee. Your advertisement remains on all sites, until leased. Visit our Homepage to find our pricing and the full list of sites that we advertise your rental property on.

We advertise on all major Real Estate websites: