I would like to explain a site on which we advertise your rental or sale property.

Before I commence, I must say something. When researching each of the sites, they all have a claim to fame. "Australia's #1 real estate site for property seekers. Over a million visits each day. Over 3 million visit each month. Australia's #1 rental site." How do you know which is the best site to advertise on? I would suggest all of them, with ReDIY, for a once only low fee until sold or leased. The one I wish to define today is

Visit Website Now | is part of the REA Group. - has Australia's largest list of properties to buy or rent -according to their website. This is because the properties from are duplicated to this site.Their site has a search function for Buyers and Tenants which leads directly to the page where the property is advertised. As it is free, if you have the access to, why not have your advertisement here, just in case some buyer searches this site before looking on To access this site, because of its link to, you do need a third party, like ReDIY to advertise your private sale or rental.

When Domain Group claimed the title of Australia’s number one property app in 2016, REA Group was quick to respond and the matter quickly ended up in court. This latest courtroom battle is a sign of a rapidly intensifying battle between the two real estate leaders.

Whether is Australia's Number One or not, is irrelevant. It is the site that buyers and tenants go to when looking for their new home. It is the site that your property needs to be advertised on to attract the best inquiry in the shortest period of time.

ReDIY is ready to assist.

ReDIY will have your property advertised on, and plus other sites, for one low cost. Please refer to our homepage to see all the sites that we advertise your property on, for the one low off fee, which is also shown on our homepage. The advertisement will remain on all sites until sold. Our site has been built with an XML feed, so the information you enter in our site feeds immediately to all of these sites. At any time of the day or night, you can update your advert and from any device.

We advertise on all major Real Estate websites: