There is an easy way to handle buyer enquires?

There is an easy way to handle buyer enquires?

Yes, when selling your home online, with ReDIY, they are all in your dashboard, on our site. Saves you from searching through emails. You will get an email, as well.

Your dashboard stores everything.

When you signed up with ReDiy, to sell your home privately, you had your very own dashboard created for you. This is where your property advertisement is so that you can make any changes to it. It is also where you can receive offers from buyers. All inquiries received on your property are entered into the inquiry tab on your dashboard. We enter them here, as they come in. Therefore, they are all together in one place. This will make it easier for you when following up with each.

Some buyers will phone us, but the majority come to us by email from the Real Estate Sites, when selling your home privately online. We immediately forward these to you, as well as entering them into your dashboard. The reason that they must come to us first, is due to the policy of and some other sites. As some of these sites are for Licensed Real Estate Agencies only, owner's contact details are not permitted on the advertisements. ReDIY, has subscriptions to these sites.

ReDIY passing on the enquiry.

Once the inquiry has been forwarded to you, you can make contact with them and from then on continue to communicate directly with them. It is only that initial inquiry that must come, via ReDIY, when selling your property privately, online.

Handling the Enquiry.

How you decide to communicate with them, is entirely up to you. However, a phone call, a more personal approach, rather than sending an email response, has some benefits for you. It will give you an opportunity to ask a few questions, to ascertain whether they are a genuine buyer, or not. Some questions that you could ask are: "Have you been looking for long?" "How many properties have you seen?" "What did you like or dislike about them?" "Is your finance organised?" "Do you need to sell, in order to buy?"

Naturally, you are not going to just fire all of these questions at them, one by one. If you can get a conversation going, you could ask one or two, in between answering their queries. Some can be asked during the inspection. The object is to try to find out if they are in a position to buy now.

The Buyer Inspection.

You can choose to have private, appointed inspections or an open house situation, or a combination of both. There are positives and negatives to both methods. A lot of "lookers" attend opens, to get a feel for the market before they are ready to buy. They could even be sellers of surrounding properties, checking out the competition. On the other hand, if you have set up an appointed time and the buyer does not arrive, you have wasted your time. That is why some gentle questioning prior helps. A one on one inspection gives you an opportunity to point out some benefits and answer their questions, whilst looking for "Buyer Signals."

Get some feedback from each inspection.

Either at the end of the inspection or a couple of hours later by a phone call, ask them for their thoughts on the property and are they interested in buying it. If they are not, ask them for some feedback. If they are interested, that's great, you could be on your way to selling the property privately, using online advertising with ReDIY.

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