ReDIY has brochures to hand out at Inspections

ReDIY has brochures to hand out at Inspections

They are great reminders of the property details.

To find a Buyer for your Private Sale or a Tenant for your Private Rental, you need to advertise the property on the major Real Estate Sites. Online advertising sites, as with everything now, need to be easy to use and time-saving.

Buyers and Tenants use brochures as reminders.

Buyers or Tenants, when seriously looking for a property, will enter their search criteria. This will be Price Range, Suburb, and specifications - beds, baths, car. As they are looking through the available properties, they may make snap decisions, based on the Main Image and The Text Heading. Therefore, these need to be appealing to catch their attention. If a property appeals, they will send an inquiry email in, if there is no inspection time noted. They, at this point, save a brochure, as a reminder for them. If there is an inspection time, they will also save a brochure, to remind them of the open time and may bring it along to the inspection. They can be saved, downloaded, and printed.

When the Buyer or Tenant is inspecting the property, hand them a brochure. In many circumstances, buyers and tenants may be inspecting several properties on that same day. The Brochure serves as a reminder, not only of the property but also the features that they really liked about it.

ReDIY, for just $15 plus gst, can supply brochures to Private Landlords and Private Sellers.

Private Sellers and Private Landlords, advertise your property with ReDIY, on, and 8 other sites for one low cost, until sold or leased. Simply sign in to our site. This will create your dashboard where you can enter your advertising text and upload your photos. When satisfied, pay the low, one-off fee to advertise on 10 Real Estate sites and your advertisement is fed to all the sites instantly. At any time, from any device, you can make unlimited changes or update inspection times. You can order your brochures at the same time, or you may decide to wait and order them at a later date if required.

Private Sellers and Private Landlords, advertise on major real estate sites with (Real Estate Do It Yourself) and the rest you can DIY and save lots of money.

Happy Selling and Renting.

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