How to use Property Marketer to enhance your photos

How to Use Property Marketer to Enhance your Photos.

Property Marketer can assist the Private Sellers, to sell privately, without an Agent.

The ReDIY Property Marketer is an optional extra with many features to assist the Private Seller to sell privately, attract enquiries and offers.

Enhance Photos with Property Marketer.

Go to the Property Marketer Section which you will find by signing in, select the drop down arrow, beside your name and you will see “Property Marketer”.

All you need to do is to take your photos. Try using a wide angle lens on the camera, if possible. High resolution images will come up better.

You will see there are options, Item Removal, Day to Dusk and General Enhancement. You can upload as many as you wish, but do so, one at a time. Enter the instructions for each.

Day to Dusk images with ReDIY Property Marketer for the DIY Seller, selling without an Agent.

In the example here, you will see we have selected the Main Image, which we call the “Hero Shot” and the instructions are to change to a day to dusk image. Dusk shots, lit up look a lot more appealing and can make the property look a lot more expensive. This is turn will result in a better sale price. To engage a Professional Photographer to take dusk shots can cost from $500 to $800. We can enhance them for a very low cost.

Item Removal with ReDIY Property Marketer for The For Sale By Owner.

Removal of unwanted items from the images can make such a difference. The important thing is to give clear instructions e.g. remove the items off the sink, remove the broom, remove the car that is parked in the driveway.

General enhancement of photos with ReDIY Property Marketer for Private Sellers.

You can select as many or as few images as you would like to have enhanced. The low cost will vary dependant on the number that you select and the task that you require.

You will receive a notification when the images are returned. In the meantime, you will see this is showing as “in progress.” Select the “View” and you will see the changes that have been made to the images . You can now replace the existing photos with the enhanced images.

Script writing for Private Sellers with ReDIY Property Marketer.

You can enter the features and benefits of the property in a list format, choose the number of words, and ReDIY will write an appealing advertising text for our Private Sellers to sell their property privately. Again, this is a low cost that could make a big difference.

The Importance of the Marketing Photos and Text on Online Advertising.

Private Sellers, selling privately, advertising on the major Real Estate sites, need to attract the attention of Buyers. You want them to make an enquiry, inspect and hopefully buy the property. The Main Image and the Heading of the advertisement are shown on the first page of real estate online advertising. They need to lure the buyers to investigate the property details further, by clicking the read more to the second page.

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