Oh No! Photos are all wrong

Oh No! Photos are all wrong

Don't panic. It's easy to sort out. Online advertising of your Private Sale or Private Rental on all the major Real Estate Sites, with ReDIY is easy. Let's breakdown what the problem is.

Photos in wrong order

That's OK, you can move them around to have them how you want them showing. Use your ReDIY Dashboard to change the order of your photos in your online advertising of your private sale or rental property.

Photos upside down

Remove it and upload it again.

Photos won't load

Check the size of the photo. The file may be too big. The online sites for advertising your Private Sale or Private Rental have photo size restrictions. See the tutorial on the ReDIY Website.

Main photo is not the right one

Swap it around. Sign into your dashboard on the ReDIY site to adjust the photos in your online advertisement.

Photos are of poor quality

Try to borrow a good quality camera.
Consider professional photography
Ask ReDIY to enhance them.

All of these issues can be solved easily. ReDIY has an online tutorial on the website to assist Private Sellers and Private Landlords with their online advertising. Have a go, but if you cannot fix it, contact our support and we can do the changes for you. You can even email all the photos and we can upload them for you. Just number them in your selected order. ReDIY support is available on chat, email, or phone, from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 8pm Saturday and Sunday. EST Times.

Check out the tutorial video on our website, that will assist you.

The quality of the photos and the subject of the photos are very important. When advertising your private sale or private rental online, you will notice that there is one image on page one and the opening sentence of the script. This needs to capture the attention of buyers or tenants. It needs to entice them to look at all the photos and read all of the text which they need to click into to see.

The most redeeming feature of the home or the location should be the subject of image 1. A photo of the outside of a typical 6 pack block of units is not attention-grabbing. Consider a feature internally. It could be beautifully polished timber flooring, a renovated kitchen, a larger than a normal balcony. With online Real Estate advertising, make your main image one that captures this best feature.

Make them want to investigate the property further. A clean inviting swimming pool in the height of summer or equally a burning fire in a cosy living room in the middle of winter would capture their hearts. If the property has a lovely view, have an image of this. It does not have to necessarily have to be a city or water view. A lovely treed suburban view is equally appealing.

Online advertising on Realestate and Domain, with ReDIY, for Private Landlords and Private Sellers is the way to advertise your property yourself. An online advertisement is almost like a first inspection. If they like what they see and read, they will enquire to make a time for a physical inspection. With good quality photos of inviting areas of the property and an informative text, you are halfway there.

When they inspect, they do not want to feel as they have been deceived. Care must be taken to not oversell with the images. Likewise, keeping something back, with the images, will give them the "Wow" factor that you are wanting from them.

Good luck and remember, ReDIY is here with support for DIY Sellers and Landlords, to advertise online if you need us.

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