Minus the agent

Sell Land Privately, minus the Agent, zero commission, advertise on major sites, until sold.

There is an easy way to Sell your property privately, minus the agent, save many thousands of dollars, pay no commission and attain a great selling price.

Advertise Private Sales with ReDIY, on major real estate sites.

When selling your property privately, minus the agent, the main consideration is where to advertise the private sale to attract the attention of buyers.

Major sites to advertise Private Sales.

Realestate.com.au is the largest online, real estate site, and the most visited property site, Australia wide. However, Domain.com.au does have the monopoly in some of the southern states. So, when selling privately, minus the agent, why not advertise on both of the major sites, with ReDIY, one low cost, until sold, plus bonus 7 other real estate sites.

How can Private Sellers advertise on major sites, minus the Agent?

To advertise on Realestate.com.au, you need to be approved and pay a subscription. Therefore, Private Sellers who want to advertise on realestate.com.au, minus the agent, must use a third party site. ReDIY is approved by them and hold a subscription. ReDIY does not charge a commission, like many of the third party sites. We give access to the major sites, so Private Sellers can DIY.

Selling Privately, paying ZERO commission.

When the decision has been made to sell privately, minus the Agent, the Private Seller has made the decision to do it themselves to avoid paying any commission. Some third party companies will charge a lower commission amount than a typical Real Estate Agent and include the cost of advertising. It is not similar to the full service of a Real Estate Agency and it is not really doing it yourself.

With ReDIY, Private Sellers pay no commission and they DIY.

ReDIY Private Sellers advertise on the 9 real estate sites for one low cost and the advertisement remains on all sites until the property is sold. It really is selling privately, minus the Agent, paying no commission, saving thousands of dollars.

Our site has been built with an XML feed so our Private Sellers, upload the property advertisement, at anytime of the day or night, and it feeds to all sites, instantly. Likewise, they can make unlimited edits to the advertisement, from any device, 24/7.

Buyer Enquiries, with ReDIY, to Private Sellers.

Because of the terms and conditions of realestate.com.au, the initial enquiry, from the online advertising, must come to us. Personal contact details are not permitted on realestate.com.au advertisements. All third party sites, email the initial enquiry through to the Private Seller. ReDIY does it better and does more. Enquiries are emailed from 8am to 11pm, Brisbane time. No waiting on business hours, ReDIY has extended support hours. Once the Private Seller makes contact with the prospective Buyer, further contact can be direct between each other.

ReDIY also enters the name and contact details (and any message) into the Private Sellers' Property Dashboard on our site. This means Private Sellers can access the details within the site. All enquiries are in the one place, making it easy to follow up, after inspections. If the prospective Buyer signs up to the ReDIY site (For Free) communication can occur direct, over the site, between the Buyer and the Seller.

Offers to Private Sellers with ReDIY.

Prospective Buyers, once they have inspected can submit their offer through the property dashboard, direct to the Private Seller. Their offer will note the Price offered, deposit, special conditions and preferred settlement date. Negotiations can continue until a resolution is reached. If a positive outcome is achieved, a letter of offer is produced to pass over to the solicitors, to formalise the offer, on a contract.

ReDIY makes it easy to sell privately. minus the agent.

ReDIY is Real Estate Do It Yourself, for Private Sellers to sell their property, minus the agent, pay Zero Commission, advertise on the major real estate sites and achieve a great result. ReDIY has the added bonus of having extra beneficial features for Private Sellers to Sell their property privately, throughout Australia and really be a DIY Seller.

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