How You can suss out Your Tenant?

How You can suss out Your Tenant?

ReDIY can, with TICA.

Firstly, lets investigate TICA.

TICA is Australia's largest Tenancy Database. If a tenant has a delinquent rental history, they will be listed in this database. Agents and Landlords, who have had a bad experience list the tenant/s on here, to avoid a future Landlord from having to go through the same bad experience with the particular tenant.

If the potential Tenant, was listed on this database, you would want to know, right? You would want to know their full rental history before agreeing to hand over the keys of your valuable asset.

A TiCA Check with ReDIY.

A TICA check is so easy to do, with ReDIY. It costs so little. Refer to our homepage for the different TICA check packages that we have available. Simply, forward us the details from the application form, and we will do the rest. Normally the report is back in less than an hour, if not, then certainly that day. As you will appreciate, Agents conduct a TICA check on all applicants. They have a yearly subscription with them. It is not economically worthwhile for a Private Landlord to pay for an annual subscription. They may only be required to conduct 1 or 2 per year. Private Landlords, can conduct a search, directly through TICA, but they charge more than we do. Yes, that's right. ReDIY charges you less than TICA, to do a TICA search on your potential tenant.

Other checks.

This is not the only checking you should do. It comes after you have verified their employment. When doing this, try to speak with their immediate supervisor as well as the HR Person. You will obtain a bit more information. When checking their previous rental history, you should be able to obtain a copy of their Rental Payment Ledger. This will disclose the number of times that their rent has been in arrears. Make contact with their Property Manager to ascertain how the property was cared for and if there were any breach notices issued. Do not do this, just for their previous rental, investigate the one before, as well. Personal references should also be verified. It is doubtful, though, if they would name a referee that would have something bad to say about them.

Declining an Application. An application cannot be declined on Racial or Sexual Prejudices. By mentioning some things in your advertisement, such as non-smokers, no pets, this will deter some from inspecting. If it is from the TICA check or their previous rental history, you can let them know this, as there could be an error somewhere. Otherwise, without further comment, you simply say that the application is declined. I can assure you that Property Managers say "I'm sorry, your application was declined by the owner."

By advertising your private rental online using ReDIY to attract a great deal of inquiry from Realestate and Domain, conducting thorough checks on your potential tenant, you should have a problem-free tenancy.

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