How to sell your block of land privately in Australia without a real estate agent? Time to do it yourself!

Selling a block of land, no Agent, no commission, makes perfect sense

The first thing to do when considering selling, is to prepare the property. A block of land? So, the first step is easy. It's not like there is a great deal of preparation required. Presuming it's a building block, have it cleared of debris and mowed. If it's acreage, it will depend on its purpose.

Next, make sure all relevant documentation is in order and at hand.

You then have to think about letting buyers know it is for sale.


A "For Sale" sign on the block of land will let people know. It is your 24hour salesperson. It is there for all to see. Even on a quiet street, the signboard is letting the neighbourhood know. Passers-by may have friends or family that are looking to buy in the area. ReDIY can organise For Sale Signs for Private Sellers. This is one way of attracting buyers.

Where to advertise?

Selling residential property is all about online advertising. Where do Real Estate Agents get their enquiry from? Their properties are advertised on the major Real Estate Sites. Why? They know that is where buyers are looking. They want to sell it and get paid. They have subscriptions to these sites and pass on the costs to their sellers. and are the leading Real Estate Sites. Unfortunately, to advertise on, which is Australia's #1 site, you do need to be either a Licensed Estate Agent or an approved advertiser and hold an annual subscription. does permit access their site, but their charges are high for Private Sellers and you are paying to be on the one site only.

ReDIY can advertise Private Sales for Private Sellers throughout Australia.

How? We advertise for The Private Seller, for the DIY sellers. ReDIY does not charge commission. We are Real Estate Do It Yourself (ReDIY). We simply give you, the Private Seller, access to the same sites that Real Estate Agencies use to advertise your block of land and attract a buyer.

ReDIY will advertise your block of land on,,,,,,, and, all for a one off low fee, until your block of land is sold. All 9 sites for one low cost, no commission.

Private Sellers of a Block of Land need to advertise online, in the "Land For Sale" section of major Real Estate Sites. It is a block of land, after all.

The next consideration is the Advertising Text.

Let's start with the heading. It has to capture the attention of the buyers. Make the advertisement stand out. It's like fishing. Lure the buyers to investigate it further.

The body of the advertisement should have as much detail as possible. The size of the block, the dimensions, the aspect, the slope are all important details. Are there any easements over the block? Has a soil test been done? Buyers want to know about drainage, sewerage and power.


There are only so many photos that can be taken of a block of land. Apart from the actual block, include a diagram showing the dimensions. Get a ladder and stand on it on the block and capture an image of what the view would be when the dwelling is built. Copies of and sewerage or drainage diagrams can also be included. ReDIY van assist with enhancement of photos, if required.

Online advertising.

The main image, the heading and the first line of the script appear on the first page. Think about this when compiling your advertisement. The aim is to get the buyers to click through to the full page to find all the information.


They do them themselves. A Real Estate Agent is not going to accompany the buyers for an inspection of a block of land. Blocks of land are very easy sales for Real Estate Agents. No inspections. The buyer will inspect the block and if interested in obtaining further information, will make an enquiry. Agents do not earn their high commission for the sale of a block of land. You know the block and all the information, so you can give the buyer all the answers they need.

The Contract

It is good practise to leave this one to the experts. Engage a solicitor or conveyancer to take over from you. Once you have negotiated a sale price, let them take care of the legal requirements.

Do It Yourself.

Advertise the block of land on the major real estate sites, write a great advertisement, have good quality photos, attract the buyer, negotiate the sale and then pass it over to your solicitor..

This is how you can sell a block of land privately - pay no commission - advertise with ReDIY - save money - get a good result - no legal risk.

Good luck, happy selling.

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