How can a Private Landlord search a tenant's rental history?

How can a Private Landlord search a tenant's rental history?

By conducting a search of the National Tenancy Database. TICA, 100% Australian owned and operated, is the largest company in Australia, established in 1992.

So, who is TICA?

It was the passion for real estate that inspired its owners to develop what is now known as TICA- Australia's largest Tenancy database. They have over 30 years of experience in both Property Management and Sales. Their Directors have first-hand experience and knowledge of what the industry needs when it comes to choosing the right tenant. Their website states that they have gathered over 7,000,000 records from over 7000 members.

Conducting a TICA Check with ReDIY.

ReDIY will give you access to TICA, through your dashboard on our site, to process a search, for a small fee. You can purchase a single search, or if you choose, a small bundle. Unfortunately, if you wish to use TICA or one of the similar companies directly, you have to pay a membership fee and then purchase the checks in a minimum of 10 per year. Real Estate Agencies can afford to buy large bundles as they are conducting searches daily. It is unlikely that you would have the need to conduct that many searches each year. ReDIY has the Real Estate License to give you the access.

ReDIY is for the DIY Landlord.

Therefore, ReDIY makes it affordable and give you the same tools that a Real Estate Agency has at its disposal to conduct a TICA Check. Our aim, with our site, is to give all Private Landlords and Private Sellers as many tools as possible. We want them to sell or manage their property like a professional. We want to assist you, the Do It Yourself Owner. We have a very innovative site, specifically developed for Private Sellers and Private Landlords. We have worked in Real Estate, owned Real Estate Offices, managed and sold properties. We understand the need to save on commission and ongoing management fees. Our site is continually being developed to add more and more tools so that you can do everything yourself.

What does a TICA search disclose?

This search will let you know if the tenant has been listed on the database because of previous rental history. This could be for things like damage to the property, unpaid rent, or abandonment of the property. The report will land back in your dashboard within a maximum of 2 business days. It is usually within 24 hours.

A Landlord's greatest fear is when a tenant fails to pay their rent, or worse yet, damages your property. The fact is that delinquent tenants do exist unfortunately and cost Landlords millions of dollars each year. A TICA check, albeit the most important, is the final step before making your decision.

How else can you discover information about a potential Tenant?

You will have already checked their employment and personal references, received the rental ledger from their previous landlord or Agent, but is this really enough? It is good practise to speak with the previous Landlord/Agent, not the current one that they are leaving. The current Landlord may give them a glowing reference in order for them to move out. When checking on the Applicant's employment, try to speak with the applicant's supervisor rather than someone in the HR Department. Take advantage of the inspection. Assess the tenants then and there. It pays to look at their vehicle. A dirty, damaged car could indicate a dirty damaged rental property. Not always, but it pays to look. Interview all the applicants in person. Ask about children, pets and if they are intending to have other adults residing there, that are not going to be on the lease. You will gather a lot of insight and information by doing this. Question them as to why they have left their previous property and what they are expecting from this one and this local community. You are handing over keys to your valuable asset to someone who is almost a complete stranger. The cost of this Database search is almost nothing when you consider what you could potentially lose by selecting a tenant with a bad history.

Dispute resolution.

While implementing a thorough screening process can eliminate many problem tenants, it might not prevent future squabbles between neighbours. Tenants' activity can routinely, negatively and directly impact their neighbours. It is a good idea to encourage the tenant to solve the problem amongst themselves. If the property is under a Body Corporate, it is good practice to give the tenants a copy of the By-Laws.

Can ReDIY default a tenant?

The TICA search is much like a credit history check when someone applies for a loan or a credit card. Because ReDIY is a member of TICA, we are able to default a tenant. This default is then used to warn other Landlords that the tenant has a negative tenant history.

Written report of condition of property prior to tenant moving in.

When you have selected your new tenant, the lease signed and the bond and upfront rent has been paid the next step is to complete an Entry Condition Report. When doing this, be thorough. Itemise all fixtures, fittings and inclusions, and the current state. Take photographs - many. Get the tenant to complete their Entry Condition Report and compare the two. Discuss and attend to any anomalies’.

ReDIY gives you peace of mind..

There are no guarantees in life, but a TICA search will certainly give you the peace of mind in the knowledge that you have done all you could to ensure that you select the best tenant that is available, one that will be prompt with rent payments and not do any damage to your investment.

There is an article on Domain, from an anonymous source, of a tenant who had goats in an inner-city high rise apartment they were renting. The goats ate the carpet and the curtains, but there were probably a few more issues. Whilst this is certainly not normal, there are many horror stories.

If ReDIY cannot help, they will guide you, as to where to go for assistance.

Each state has its own Residential Tenancy Authority and their sites are very informative by providing a great deal of information that will assist you when renting your property privately. On our site, we have a live chat facility so that you can contact us from 8am to 10pm Brisbane time. You can also email or phone. If it is outside of the above business hours, we will contact you as soon as possible.

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