How does the Signage work?

How does the Signage work

You can choose to order a For Sale Sign at the time of advertising your property. You may decide later that one is required. A For Sale sign is your 24 hour Salesperson working for you.

To order, simply in the Payment section, select Sign. We will place the order and your sign will be erected at the property. Simple and Fast.

It is a visual statement that the property is available For Sale or For Rent. It is particularly useful for a property for sale. There are many instances of properties being sold to neighbours. It could be someone who lives around the corner, not really actively looking to buy a property at the moment. They walk their dog past, see the for sale sign and think "Wow" " I always liked the look of that home." Or it could be buyer, driving past and notice the sign. Or it could be someone who is looking for a nearby property for their parents. There are statistics that prove that most buyers of property are currently living within 5 klms. of the property they purchase.

A For Sale Sign is the cheapest Real Estate Agent that you will find. There is no commission to be paid and the sign never stops working for you.

What should the sign say?

FOR SALE That is all that is required. There is no need for photos and text about the property. Think about this. The home is absolutely perfect for this family who have seen the sign. However, there is a photo of the swimming pool. They do not really want a pool. They do not even enquire. The property may be perfectly suitable, otherwise. The pool may not even be a deal breaker, but it stops them from looking.

It is very easy to order a sign. Log in to your property and go the the last page, where you see some optional extras, such as a sign or brochures. Make the payment, and your sign will be delivered and erected for you. Brochures are another option which is more marketing. The buyer can download the brochure or you can hand them out during the inspection. They are a good reminder of the features of the property.

Order your 24 hour salesperson today with ReDIY.

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