For Sale By Owner

For Sale By Owner, No Agents, No commission, Advertise with ReDIY on major sites, until sold.

Do you Want to sell your home, yourself, without an Agent?

Selling your own home is becoming more and more common, throughout Australia. It used to be perceived by Buyers, that they could purchase for a lesser price, if the home was being sold by the owner, privately. This is no longer the case. With new technology, many Home Sellers are questioning the need for a Real Estate Agent and are conducting lots of online research to ensure they sell for the highest possible price.

So, How to Sell My House Online, No Agent.

The major issue is to be able to get Private House Sales advertised on the major Real Estate Sites. and are, without doubt, the major online Real Estate sites in Australia. used to only permit Licensed Real Estate Agencies to advertise on their site. All Advertisers must have annual subscriptions. This is where third party sites, like ReDIY, come in.

Visit ReDIY, when selling your own home.

ReDIY can advertise private house sales, private land sales, private unit and apartment sales, private villa and townhouse sales on the major real estate sites, to sell without Agents. For one low advertising cost, no commission, Private Sellers can advertise online on, and 8 other online real estate sites, until sold without the typical Real Estate Agent. ReDIY - Real Estate Do It Yourself - to help Private Sellers to sell without Agents and pay zero commission.

ReDIY assists Private Sellers with many online features to sell privately.

Handing the enquiries from online advertising with ReDIY, is made easy. The details of the enquiry is forwarded by email to the Private Seller. The extra feature, with ReDIY, is that the details are also entered into the property dashboard This means all the enquiry details are in the one place. If the Buyer signs up to the ReDIY site, for free, they can communicate directly with the Private Seller. This assists with organising inspection times and passing over documentation, direct to each other, through the site.

Negotiate online with ReDIY.

Buyers can submit offers to Private Sellers, through the Property dashboard. They can enter the offer price, deposit details, any conditions and a preferred settlement date. The Private Seller can make a counter offer and this can go backwards and forwards through the site until a resolution is reached - accepted or declined. If the Offer is acceptable to both parties, a Letter of Offer is produced. This can be handed over to solicitors to formalise the offer on a contract.

To Sell, without an Agent.

The other consideration, is the pricing of the property. Conduct research on recent sale prices, in the area, of comparable properties. This can be done by searching "Solds" on and There is a site, that we have come across,, which has useful information and statistics, to assist determining an asking price.

To sell without Agents, means do your own advertising text and photos.

ReDIY, has an extra feature called "Property Marketer". ReDIY can enhance photos, by removing objects from the image, changing a day image to a dusk image and generally making the photos more appealing. ReDIY can assist with writing the advertising text for your online real estate advertisement. Private Sellers can just provide a list of the features and ReDIY can write the advertisement.

Therefore, selling your own home, without an Agent, achieving a great sale price and paying no commission, can be accomplished when advertising with ReDIY, on the major Real Estate Sites.

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We are ReDIY your complete DIY Property Solution. Our Real Estate Wbesite is dedicated to helping only private landlords and property sellers achieve their Real Estate Goals. Through our innovative website you can advertise your property instantly on all the Major Real Estate websites like and Buyers and tenants can enquire through our live chat function 24/7 so you will never miss an important enquiry. We have many other tools to make your DIY journey a smooth one so sign up for Free and start exploring now.