Does allow private landlords to use their site?

Does allow private landlords to use their site?

The answer to this was YES AND NO.

No, Up until recently,if you want to advertise directly.

Yes, if you use a third party, like ReDIY.

Realestate had a strict policy of only permitting Licensed Real Estate Agencies or subscription holders to access their site. The Agents also have to pay a monthly subscription on an annual contract. They also have to pay extra for the upgrade advertisements. This is justified with the volume of listings that have at any one time. Also, most Agents, pass on the costs to their clients.

ReDIY has a subscription to Realestate. but we are Real Estate Do It Yourself. We give you the access to the site to advertise your private rental property but we do not charge a let fee and we do not ask to manage your property. You Do It Yourself. We advertise your property for a one off, low fee until it is leased.

So, Who is

They are part of the REA Group and majority owned by Newscorp Australia. They are certainly one of the best, if not the best site. They have over 3 million property seekers visit their site each month.

Advertising Private Rentals on with ReDIY

under their terms and conditions the advertisements are not allowed to contain the Landlord's name or contact details, they can only contain the contact details of the subscription holder. Therefore, the initial enquiry will come through ReDIY. ReDIY passes the enquiry on to the Landlord in 2 ways - By email with all the contact details of the enquiry - placed in the Landlord's dashboard on the ReDIY site. The Landlord has 24/7 access to the dashboard and it is also mobile friendly. Once the initial contact has been made by the Landlord with the enquiry, the communication can then be direct between each other.

The ReDIY site also has a chat function. If the Enquiry signs up to the site (For free - no cost to them) the Landlord can chat directly with the enquiry and pass on documents and information directly. The Tenant can also submit their application in the dashboard for the Landlord to retrieve.

Wait, there's more with ReDIY for Private Landlords.

Not only will the property be advertised on Realestate, for the one off low cost, the Rental property is also advertised on,, plus 5 other real estate sites with ReDIY. The news gets better. The advertisement remains on all sites until it is leased. One low fee, 10 sites, until leased with ReDIY. Visit our home page for full disclosure of the advertising costs. You will be pleasantly surprised.

Another major benefit of advertising with ReDIY, is that our site has been built with an XML Feed. This means you really do Do It Yourself. You enter the Property description, advertising text and upload the photos, select "Go Live" and the property feeds automatically to all sites almost instantly. At any time, from any device, The Landlord can make unlimited edits to the advertisement.

So, yes, you can advertise you Private Rental on Realestate, but you need to use a third party, such as ReDIY. Our site is innovative, packed with helpful information and so easy to use.

We are ReDIY your complete DIY Property Solution. Our Real Estate Wbesite is dedicated to helping only private landlords and property sellers achieve their Real Estate Goals. Through our innovative website you can list your property instantly on all the Major Real Estate websites like