Do you have a support function if I need help with my ad?

Yes we do. We have telephone support, email support and support on our chat function on our web site. We can assist you with your advertisement. We can also help if you are having difficulty with uploading your photos.

How and when to access support with ReDIY?

When you sign up with ReDIY, you create your own dashboard on our website. This allows you 24-hour access to your property to make unlimited changes to your advertisement, at no cost. Our website has a chat function. We can see when you log on so we are there to help if needed.

The chat function is manned by our staff from 8am to 10pm weekdays and from 9am to 8pm on weekends. These times are EST time. (Queensland time)

Our staff are also on the other end of the telephone during these hours. They are also contactable by email. If you are requiring assistance, outside of these hours, phone, email or leave a message on the chat function and one of our friendly, helpful staff will be in touch with you first thing in the morning, to assist you.

The advertisement.

When writing the text for your advertisement, make it informative and appealing. It needs to describe the property, list its benefits and capture attention. Where the property is located, and its proximity to all amenities should also be in the advertisement. The heading should be a grab. Written to grab the attention of the buyer or tenant. Make sure all the fixtures, fittings and extras are included in the advertisement. Air conditioning, ceiling fans, heating, dishwasher, en suite, outdoor entertaining areas, car accommodation, fencing are all benefits that are desirable. Look on the major Real Estate Sites and check out Agent's advertisements for similar properties in nearby locations. This will give you some inspiration.

The photographs are equally important. If you do not have a good quality camera, ask around, see if you can borrow one from a friend. The first photo is the most important. It is the one that can determine whether a buyer or tenant will look closer at your advertisement. It needs to capture their attention and entice them to look further. Another option is to engage a professional photography company to take the photos for you. There are many and each have different packages. Most will include a floor plan in one of their packages. There are for's and against's for floor plans. Some will say that if you give too much away in the advertisement, they will have no need to inspect. Others say that a floor plan helps determine if the property is suitable so time is not wasted with inspections from people who will not buy or rent it.

Do you have a support function if I need help with my ad?

The Asking price.

If the property is for sale, you have options in relation to the pricing. It can be listed with an asking price, no price, a price range or an offers above. What you need to keep in mind, is that f you do not have an asking price, you still need to feed in a price range in the back end. This is not displayed.
It is a requirement of the portals. It allows buyers to search for properties that are within their price budget. Some buyers will disregard properties that do not show a price.

If the property is a rental, the rental amount should be displayed. How to ascertain the true market value, is the most important thing. Have a look at the real estate portals at similar properties in your local area. Check out their attributes and extras. Do they offer more or less than your property does? This will assist you in deciding on a rental price. Rental market conditions change, are seasonal, so it is important that with each new vacancy period, you do some research.

The Address.

You have an option whether to display the address or not. If you choose not to, only the suburb will be displayed. The positive of not displaying the address is that all enquiries will have to make contact to obtain the address. This allows you to field more enquiries. However, there are some who will not bother, if the address is hidden. But, you have to ask yourself, are they genuinely wanting to buy or rent? When you display the full address, there is an advantage. There is a map feature on these sites. If there is a property a few streets away that is available for rent or sale, the enquiry can click on the map, and neighbouring properties that are on the market, are displayed. therefore, this is another way to capture enquiry.

Advertising with ReDIY.

It is a simple thing to do. Visit . Sign up, enter your username and password. This will create your own dashboard on our site. Next, enter your contact details, enter the advertising text, upload your photos, pay a low, one off fee and select "Go Live". Your advertisement will feed instantly to, and 8 other sites. It is that instant and that easy.

From the initial step of signing in with ReDIY, we will support you all the way, with your advertisement. We have developed our site to assist Do It Yourself Landlords and Private Sellers to advertise their Private Sales and Private Rentals on the major Real Estate Sites, for a low, one-off fee, until sold or leased.

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