Can I Sell my Property Without an Agent?

Yes. Actually, it is a lot easier than ever before. It used to be difficult as you could not access the tools that agents have access to.

Now you can, so why not? Do your homework first and then get on with it and save a great deal of money.

Where to start.

The property needs to be prepared for sale. This means you should ensure that it is presented in its best light. A thorough, internal clean, carpets professionally cleaned, light globes replaced, dripping taps fixed, are all small things, but they make a difference. Pressure clean the driveway, weed the garden, mow the lawn, plant some pretty, scented plants at the entrance. This will create a good first impression.

Photographs can now be taken. If you do not have a good quality camera, ask a friend to borrow one. Otherwise consider using a professional photographer. You can have 12 pictures taken by a professional photographer for under $200. The photographs are very important. Nowadays, with the Internet, it is like the buyers first inspection. The photos can determine whether they inspect or not.

Next is the price. Have a look online on and for similar properties in the local area that are currently for sale. They are the competition for the property. Also look at recently sold properties. This will assist you to come up with a likely selling range. You can then determine an asking price.

Your advertising text needs to be written. Again, look online to give you inspiration. It needs to tell a story, noting all the features of the property. Mention all the features such as heating, air conditioning, ceiling fans, dishwasher, en-suite or 2nd toilet, outdoor entertaining areas, fencing and car accomodation. The location, proximity to schools, shops, public transport, etc should also be included.

Can I sell my property without an agent?

You’re now ready for assistance from Rediy.

These days you can access all the major sites that you could not before. You do need to use a 3rd party site like ReDIY, to gain access to advertise on is the number one site in Australia for property. The reason that you need ReDIY, is that they have a strict policy of only permitting approved companies to have access to their site. They will not allow Private Sellers to directly access their site. has the monopoly on the market, in the southern states. Therefore, having your property advertised on both sites will ensure that you capture all of the enquiry.

ReDIY, will advertise your property on,

PLUS 6 other sites, for a low, one off fee. The advertisement remains on all sites until the property is sold. You can make as many changes as you need, for no cost. This is great for updating your open for Inspection dates and times.

Once your property is advertised on these sites, your enquiry will flow in thick and fast. All enquiry will be forwarded to you, by email and into your dashboard on our site. Once you have made contact with the enquiry, you can then continue to deal directly with them.

Over to You.

Then it is just a case of showing the property. You can do this by private appointments or by Opens. If your property is appealingly presented, the advertising text is enticing, the photographs are of a good quality, the pricing is realistic, there is no reason why you should not receive offers. It is then over to you to negotiate with buyer to achieve a great price.

It is really that easy to sell a property without an agent.

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