Can I make unlimited edits to my advertisement with ReDIY?

Yes, as many as you need at no cost, when you advertise your property with

Let me explain this further, starting at the beginning.

How to Advertise your private rental property or private sale property on and needs some explanation. Firstly, does not permit private sellers access directly to their site. They do, however, allow Private Landlords. They had a strict policy that the site was for Real Estate Agencies. ReDIYis not the Agent, wanting to sell your property. We only want to give you access to advertise it on Realestate. With ReDIY, you can advertise on Realestate for a low, one off fee. does permit Private Sellers and Landlords to access their site. However, their charges are a lot higher than ours, and they charge in increments of 4 to 12 weeks. So if not sold or leased, in the selected time frame, you will have to pay again. Advertising with ReDIY has no time limit. It remains until sold or leased. You only pay once with ReDIY.

Other dedicated Real Estate sites are free to access.

When you list with ReDIY, you not only get access to advertise on Realestate and Domain, you get bonus sites. Your advertisement also feeds to,,,,,,, and The sites fed to, depends on whether the property is for sale or for rent.

Can I make unlimited edits to my advertisement with ReDIY?

How easy is it to use ReDIY?

Very easy! Visit ReDIY sign up as a user. This will ask you to create a username and password, which will give you access to your very own dashboard on our site. On your dashboard, enter the advertising text and upload the photos, make your payment through Stripe (a secure payment system) press the "Go Live" and your advertisement will feed to all the sites, instantaneously. As we are an approved uploader, whatever is entered on our site, is fed to all of the other sites.

When you need to make amendments or updates, to your advertisement, you can access your dashboard, on our site. Weekly, you may want to update your open for inspections times. You can do this from any device at any time. If you want to put extras in your text, to make it more appealing, just do it. You can make as many changes as you want. There are no costs to you. This is because you are making the changes. With other similar companies, they cannot upload to the sites without a third party. Therefore, it is their staff who enter the advertisement and must make any changes. They give an allowance of changes in their initial fee and then charge for any more that is required. We do not. Make as many edits as you like for no cost.

Now that your property is advertised, what happens with the enquiries?

Because of Realestate's policy, the advertisements show ReDIY and our contact details. The initial enquiry comes to us. We then forward it to your email and enter it in your dashboard. Once you make the contact with the enquiry, you can then deal directly with them It is just the initial enquiry that we have to forward, to meet the policy of Realestate.

Support from ReDIY.

Our site is accessible 24/7. Our support staff can be contacted by phone, email or our chat function on our website, from 8am to 10pm on weekdays and from 9am to 8pm on weekends. These are EST times. If you need assistance, outside of these hours, leave a message on chat or phone or email us. Our staff will get back to you first thing in the morning.

Which Real Estate sites will my property be seen on?

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With, your property will be listed on and These are the Industry leaders. It will also be advertised on,

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How long will it take my advertisement to go live?

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Almost instantaneously, with Your advertisement will be live on, and the other dedicated Real Estate Sites

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How will my enquiry reach me?

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Very promptly. By email and in your dashboard on our web site. We give you two options to access your enquiry. The full details of the enquiry are entered into your dashboard and remain there for future access.

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