Can I make changes after hours and when will they take effect?

Yes, you can access your dashboard on our site, at any time of the day or night. You can access it from any device. ReDIY is a mobile-friendly site too. The changes will take effect almost instantaneously. We are a Do It Yourself site, accessible to you, 24/7.

Making changes to the advertisement with ReDIY.

Sign in to your dashboard, on our site, and make all the changes that you want. Make sure you save the changes as you move through the pages. When you have finished making your changes, select "Update". As our site is built with an XML feed that links to all the sites, the changes you make on our site will take effect straight away on all the sites.

We are an approved uploader to all the sites. This means that you enter everything at a time that suits you. Other similar companies have not built their site as an XML feed, so they need to rely on a third party for the upload to the sites. This means, using their staff, during business hours to make any changes. This also allows for errors to occur. We call it Real Estate Do It Yourself because, with our platform, you will barely need us.

Support from ReDIY.

If you do need us, we are available from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday and from 9am to 8pm on weekends. You can contact us by phone, email, or our chat function on our website. If you have a question, outside of these hours, just leave a voicemail, flick us an email or leave a message on the chat function. We will get back to you first thing in the morning. We are based in Brisbane, so our times are EST (No Daylight Saving, unfortunately) We have tried to cater for our clients, throughout Australia, with our staffing times.

Where does ReDIY advertise, online?

When you advertise with, your property will be advertised on,,,,,, ,,, and The sites your property are listed on depends whether it is for sale or for rent. You only pay a low, one off fee, for all the sites, and they remain until leased or sold, with ReDIY.

Real Estate Do It Yourself 24/7.

If you are logged in, after hours, with ReDIY, you can make all the changes you want and they will take effect straight away. As our site is built with an XML feed that links to all the sites, whatever action you take on our site will reflect immediately on the other sites. We call it Real Estate Do It Yourself because, with our platform, you can do it yourself.

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