Can I list my property on Major Real Estate Site Privately?

Yes. However, you need to read on to find out how.

What are the major Real Estate Sites? is the Number one, nationally. On their website, they say that they have millions of property seekers, attracted to their site monthly. This is believable. Property seekers go to where they will have options. The option to view as many suitable properties on the one site. is also a popular site and certainly does have the monopoly on the market in some southern states.

There are other dedicated Real Estate Sites. and are dedicated solely to rental properties and do attract enquiry. is also a popular site for property buyers and tenants, especially in the ACT.

Can Private Landlords and Private Sellers list on these Major Real Estate Sites?

Yes and No.
Let's start with Realestate. They did not allow Private Landlords and do not permit Private Sellers to access their site directly. Their site was strictly for Real Estate Agencies. This is a strict policy of theirs. Therefore, to have your property listed on Realestate you need a an approved advertiser. That does not mean you have to appoint an Agent to look after the sale or rental of your property. ReDIY subscribes to their site and are permitted to advertise our properties on their site. However, we are different, we are here for the Do It Yourself Sellers and Landlords. We simply give you access, through our site, to advertise privately on This is for a low, one off cost. The advertisement remains on this and all the other sites until leased or sold. Our fees are displayed on our homepage,

Domain does allow Private Sellers and Private Landlords to advertise their properties directly on their site. However, their charges are a lot more than we charge. They also charge in time increments. The pricing varies for the amount of time that you select to advertise the property. If the property is not sold or leased in the selected time frame, you have to pay again. Not with ReDIY, your property remains on all sites, until leased or sold, for a low, one off cost.

Can I list my property on Major Real Estate Site Privately?

Listing on the Major Real Estate Sites, with ReDIY.

ReDIY can advertise your property on Realestate, Domain and 8 other sites, for a one off, low fee for as long as it takes to find a buyer or tenant.

Our site is user friendly and has been built with a direct XML feed to all the sites. We are an approved uploader to these sites. You simply visit, and sign up, using your own username and password. This will create your very own dashboard within our site. This dashboard is accessible to you 24/7 to make any amendments to your advertisement.

The next step is to enter the advertising text, upload the property photos, pay the low fee, using our secure payment system (stripe) and select "GO LIVE". Your advertisement is instantaneously fed to all the sites. There is no limit to the amount of changes that you wish to make to your advertisement. This is particularly convenient for updating open for inspection times. These changes can be made from any device.

So, the answer to whether you, personally, can access Australia's #1 Real Estate Site is NO. However, the answer to whether you can have your Private Rental or Private Sale advertised on Australia's #1 site, Realestate is YES, with ReDIY. We will simply take the enquiry and pass it over to you, the seller or landlord. From here you are free to do the rest. By doing this, you can save a lot of money and still get a great result.

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