Buy My Place in Northern Territory

Buy My Place in Northern Territory

The Northern Territory has many Sellers choosing to Sell their Property themselves, pay no commission, and DIY. They are advertising on the major Real Estate Sites and asking Buyers to "Buy My Place".

Advertising on the Major Real Estate Sites for Private Sellers. is Australia's #1 Property site, but they do not allow direct access to their site for Private Sellers. Private Sellers need a third party DIY Property site to advertise on Realestate. ReDIY advertises for Private Sellers on Realestate, and 8 other Real Estate sites for a once only low fee, until sold.

To advertise directly on Domain, they charge $660 for 8 weeks and $770 for 12 weeks. ReDIY gives access to 10 sites for less than half their costs. So, the 2 major sites, 8 others, for one low cost Until sold. "0" commission.

How to price a property.

Research needs to be conducted. Check out the web sites and compare sold prices. Sold Prices are different from asking prices. ReDIY has a choice of 2 property reports. One is a detailed report on a chosen property and the other is a detailed report on a specific property.

Buyers, looking to buy property in The Northern Territory, sign up with ReDIY. It's free. Enter in your "Wish List" and we can match a property. Whether you are a first home buyer, Investor, or upgrading or downsizing, we have Private Sellers, throughout The Northern Territory looking for the right buyer to buy their property.

What does the Northern Territory offer?

Perfect weather if you love long, hot summers. Very easy access to Asian countries. There is so much to see and do throughout The Northern Territory - you will not be bored.

You can get a lot of property for your dollar, compared to the Southern States. Enjoy a relaxed lifestyle.

What do Buyers and Sellers both want?

There is only one difference between a Seller and a Buyer. Both want a smooth transaction. Both like the Property. The Seller purchased it for their own reasons and the Buyers want to try and buy it. The difference is in the price. The Sellers want to get the most for the property and the Buyers want to pay the least.

Northern Territory Private Sellers are saying "Buy My Place" when they place it for sale, advertising on the major real estate sites - Realestate and Domain.

We welcome both Property Buyers and Sellers throughout The Northern Territory to visit ReDIY. where you will find some very useful information to assist when buying or selling.

We are ReDIY your complete DIY Property Solution. Our Real Estate Wbesite is dedicated to helping only private landlords and property sellers achieve their Real Estate Goals. Through our innovative website you can list your property instantly on all the Major Real Estate websites like and Buyers and tenants can enquire through our live chat function 24/7 so you will never miss an important enquiry. We have many other tools to make your DIY journey a smooth one so sign up for Free and start exploring now.