Buy My Place in New South Wales

Buy My Place in New South Wales

New South Wales Private Sellers are advertising on the major Real Estate Sites with ReDIY, asking Buyers to "Buy My Place". As the sale prices have risen dramatically, so too, has the commission being charged by Real Estate Agencies. Private Sellers are thinking they should try to sell their own property and save thousands of dollars.

In order to sell privately, the Private Seller needs a third party DIY property website to gain access to many of the real estate sites. Sites, such as and others only permit access to Real Estate Agencies, who hold a Real Estate License and a subscription to the sites.

ReDIY is a third party DIY Property Site.

We give access to Private Sellers in New South Wales to advertise on Realestate, plus 8 other sites. Realestate only allows Licensed Real Estate Agencies access to their site. So yes, we are licensed, but we are Real Estate Do It Yourself ReDIY assisting Private Sellers throughout New South Wales with the advertising. We do not charge commission. We just advertise and the Seller does the rest themselves.

Why buy in New South Wales?

For a start, there is Sydney. an absolutely beautiful city, famous for the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. There are many other great sites, within Sydney - The Historical Rocks Area, Darling Harbour and Bondi Beach, to name just one of Sydney's beautiful beaches. If you have an eclectic taste, you will love Sydney.

However, there is more to New South Wales, than just Sydney. Other sites to visit include, The Blue Mountains, The Snowy Mountains, The Great Ocean Road, The Central Coast, Dubbo Zoo and many, many more.

Obtain your Property Report from ReDIY.

We can supply Property Reports to both Buyers and Sellers.. There are 2 types available. One gives a good overview on activity within the chosen post code and the other is a more detailed report on the actual property. Buyers negotiating with Private Sellers to buy their property in New South Wales with ReDIY.

Sellers -v- Buyers. What is the difference.

There is only one difference between a Seller and a Buyer. Both want a smooth transaction. Both like the Property. The Seller purchased it for their own reasons and the Buyers want to try and buy it. The difference is in the price. The Sellers want to get the most for the property and the Buyers want to pay the least.

New South Wales, and especially Sydney, has property price roller coasters. Many property owners are selling, freeing up capital, and moving interstate or downsizing. On the other hand, many are upsizing, benefiting from the capital growth of their existing property.

Take the ride on the roller coaster - Buy/Sell property in New South Wales.

We are ReDIY your complete DIY Property Solution. Our Real Estate Wbesite is dedicated to helping only private landlords and property sellers achieve their Real Estate Goals. Through our innovative website you can list your property instantly on all the Major Real Estate websites like and Buyers and tenants can enquire through our live chat function 24/7 so you will never miss an important enquiry. We have many other tools to make your DIY journey a smooth one so sign up for Free and start exploring now.