How to Handle Your Enquiries With ReDIY, we have the most innovative Enquiry System. Yes, we can do what the other companies do and simply FWD enquiry. However, we have built in a chat function where property owners and enquiries can chat directly. Yes, the enquires are also submitted to the Seller, Via Email. These come from the 3rd party sites, direct through to our site or perhaps, via phone. We enter all of these in the system and they are instantly sent to you, the property owner, via email. Check your enquiries tab and you will see all messages. If they have enquired through the Chat function, just click reply. They can reply back to you too. This feature is very convenient and easy when arranging inspections and to answer any questions that the prospect may have. Handling enquiries is made easy with ReDIY. The Initial enquiry will come to us via phone, email or our chat function. You cannot display your contact details on the advertisement. This is against the Terms and Conditions of the sites. We will drop all details of the prospective buyer into your dashboard. We will also email them to you. Once you make contact with the potential Buyer, future communication can be direct to and from them. Remember,you can request the buyer to sign on the our site for free and you can chat directly to each other. All enquiries, from all sources, are in your dashboard. All in one place. They are all emailed to you as well.