Can ReDIY organise connection of utilities?

Can ReDIY organise the connection of utilities.

Yes, Tenants and Buyers can organise the utilities to be connected to their new home and also the disconnection of utilities from their current property.

Yes, Private Sellers can organise the disconnection of all utilities from the property they have sold and also arrange the connection of all utilities to their new home, if applicable.

Yes, Landlords can arrange the disconnection of utilities from the property they are renting out, if not already done by a previous tenant. This is particularly useful if it is a first-time rental property.

Utilities such as gas, electricity, landline, Pay TV and Internet can all be organised for everyone, FOR FREE. We have joined with "Your Porter". They do all the work, FOR FREE and FAST. They also do Price comparisons, to ensure you are getting the best available deal.

When signed in to ReDIY, select "Connections" and you will be required to complete a form, outlining the utilities required and the effective date. Your Porter will then contact you to confirm the information and then proceed to organise it all for you.

Visit our "How To" section for detailed instructions on how to organise connections.

ReDIY and Your Porter organises connection and disconnection of utilities, FOR FREE, for Private Sellers, Private Landlords, Tenants, and Buyers.

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