Can ReDIY help with my Marketing

Can ReDIY enhance photos?

Yes, Most certainly.

The Images of the property are equally as important as the advertising text. They are visual and need to capture attention.

The Main image is the most important, as it is the first one seen on online advertising. ReDIY can enhance that image. We call it your "Hero Shot". We can change a dull daylight photo into an appealing dusk image. This main photo should be of the most appealing feature of either the property or the location. You want it to "Grab Attention".

ReDIY can enhance all of your photos.

Removal of items that are unwanted in photos is also something we can do. This could be things like the rubbish bin at the front, or a car parked in the driveway, the dishcloth on the kitchen sink, the dog bowls or dog bed centre stage, any of the things you may have forgotten to move out of the way. All of these can be removed, by ReDIY, to enhance the images.

There are instances where you may have photos from when listed with an Agent and their logo is watermarked on them, we can do our best to remove the watermark also.

If your photos need to be resized, just let us know and we can do that for you. The major sites have a size limit on the photos that can be uploaded.

Can ReDIY help with my Marketing

Advertise with ReDIY.

Private Sellers and Private Landlords will be advertised on, plus 8 other real estate sites, until sold or leased. The feed to all sites is instant. No waiting for business hours to have your advertisement live. Once you select the “Go Live” on our site, it feeds to all sites. Likewise, if you wish to make any updates or amendments. The changes reflect on all sites immediately. This means 24/7.

Extra features with ReDIY

We have many extra, free features t assist DIY Sellers and DIY Landlords, many more than the other third party sites. Inquiries, tenant applications, offers, connections are all available online with ReDIY. There are also optional extras – signboards, brochures, TICA checks that are available if required.

If the photos for your advertisement are a cause for concern, simply email the photos to us at and leave it to us to wave our magic wand.

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