ReDIY is ready to advertise Real Estate DIY Sales and Rentals Yes, with ReDIY, you can advertise your private rental and your private sale online on, and 8 other sites, all for one low cost, until leased or sold. When selling or renting privately, the most important question for you is. "I want it on the major Real Estate Sites, how do I do this, as a Private Seller or Private Landlord?" With ReDIY. Firstly, the major online sites are and For rentals, is another good site. For sales, in the ACT, is a popular one. Let me explain a bit about each of these. The bad news is that a Private Seller cannot access this site directly. However, a Private Landlord can, at a cost that is more than you pay with ReDIY. Their site was only permitted to be used by Licensed Real Estate Agencies. Therefore, as a Private Landlord or Private Seller, you should use a third party, like ReDIY, to access their online site. We are a subscriber of theirs and we are approved by them as an uploader. So, the good news is, with ReDIY, you can advertise your private sale and private rental property online. They do allow access to Private Sellers and Private Landlords. Their charges for Sales advertisements are $770 for a 12-week advertisement and $660 for an 8-week advertisement. Visit the ReDIY homepage, to be surprised at our cost. Our advertisement will remain on-site till sold. For Rental Property advertisements, for 4 weeks of advertising, $387.20 and for just 2 weeks is $254.10. We have no time limit, it stays until leased. Our cost is so much less. Check out our home page. As they are a dedicated rental site, tenants do find their way to this site. Private landlords can advertise on the site. The basic package is free. They have a professional pack for $75 and a Premium Pack for $125. These costs are for this site only. With ReDIY you get up to 10 online sites to rent out or sell your property privately, for a one-off low fee. Allhomes is part of the domain group and is reportedly the No.1 property site in Canberra. It is a For Sale site only, no rentals You can privately advertise on the site, their charges differ in cost, dependent on your region. Rediy will advertise your property online on,, and as well as 6 mores sites. All for one low cost. All advertisements remain until sold or leased. Unlimited changes and updates can be made, from any device, at no cost, with ReDIY. When I mentioned earlier, that we are an approved uploader, this means your advertisement, when entered into our site, will feed straight away to all the online sites. Our site has been built with an XML feed, which is how this happens. A third party site, like ours, without the xml feed, has to utilise another 3rd party bulk uploader, to feed to the sites. With ReDIY, it's just you, the Private Landlord or Private Seller, and us to have your property advertised online, on all the major Real Estate Sites. Let ReDIY advertise your private sale and private rental for a one-off, low fee. ReDIY is ready with help for the DIY Seller and Landlord.