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Learn how to sell your property privately without an agent

Why do you need an agent to sell your property? The answer is you do not. All you need is access to the sites where all the buyers for property... [ read more ]

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Learn how to sell your land privately without an agent

Why do you need an agent to sell your block of land? The answer is you do not. All you need is access to the sites where all the buyers for land are... [ read more ]

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Learn how to rent your property privately without an agent

Why do you need to use a property manager to lease your property? The answer is you do not, if you have the tools that they have... [ read more ]

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For sale by owner, sell your property privately without a Real Estate Agent and pay ZERO commissions.

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For rent by owner, lease your property privately without a Real Estate Agent and pay ZERO let or management fees.

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Tired of paying thousands of dollars in commissions? The answer is "Sell your own home!"

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Are you looking for a private rental or maybe even a place to advertise yours? You found it!

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Private sellers are screaming out, buyers, buy my place! Find your next home with ReDIY!

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Advertise on the #1 Real Estate Website without a real estate agent for a very low cost!

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Do you want to sell or lease a property minus the agent? ReDIY can help you do so and save thousands!

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Are you a Private Landlord and need to lease out your property? Well, you have come to the right place.

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Are you looking to rent out your real estate investment? You can now lease your property without using an agent

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Are you looking to sell a piece of Real Estate? You can now do so without using a Real Estate Agent!

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We are Australia's leading DIY Real Estate Website! Learn how you can list privately and save thousands!

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Do you need to run a TICA check on your tenant but you do not have access as a Private Landlord?

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Sell your block of land privately and pay no commission

Selling a block of land, privately makes a lot of sense - No need to pay commission. The block of land shows itself. An Agent is very unlikely to take prospective buyers, or even meet them at the site, for them to inspect. The prospective buyers will do it all by themselves. Save thousands of dollars and DIY with ReDIY. The land needs to be marketed where it will be seen by buyers - Online advertising. Advertise your block of land, with ReDIY, on, and 6 other real estate sites to attract buyers. Advertising Private Sales of Land on the major Real Estate sites with ReDIY. does not permit direct access for Private Sellers to advertise on their site. Private Sellers need a third party, like ReDIY, to gain access to their site. We are a facilitator for Private Sellers to advertise on We charge no commission. There is just the one off payment for advertising. The advertisement remains on all sites until sold. Domain does permit Private Sellers access to their site. However, their charges are higher, for just the one site and are charged in 30 day increments. How long does it take the private land sale advert to “Go Live”. With ReDIY – immediately. Our site has been built with an XML feed (Approved by the major sites) so it feeds to all sites straight away. There is no need for a third party, bulk uploader. When you enter the advertising text and upload the photos, select “Go Live” and it will feed to all sites. This can be done at any time 24/7. Editing your advertisement with ReDIY. You can make unlimited edits and updates to the advertisement and again, the changes will feed to all sites, immediately. And again, by you, from any device, at any time, 24/7. Use your 24 hour Salesperson. A signboard, at the front of the block of land, is the best Real Estate Salesperson. The For Sale sign is working, non-stop. It is letting buyers in the area know that it is for sale. It will also capture the attention of buyers that are driving or walking past. For a low cost, it could very well attract the best buyer for your land. ReDIY can supply a sign and have it erected. Advertising your block of land for Private Sale. The advertising text should include the dimensions of the block, the frontage and the slope of the block. Information in relation to the power, sewerage and water are also items that are requested by buyers and are important issues they consider. If a Soil test has been conducted, this should also be mentioned or included. The photography should include an overhead image of the block, an image of the likely view, sewerage and drainage diagrams, and any building plans that may be available. Address or no Address. With a vacant block of land, it is a good idea to display the full address on the advertising. It makes it easier for buyers to drive by and to conduct investigations on the block. Many use Dial before you Dig, to obtain lots of relevant information. Having the RP Data information is also of assistance to buyers to make enquiries with the Local Governing body. Pricing the block. Conduct research, using sites like and to check on recent sales in the local area. Comparing sold prices is a lot more accurate that looking at asking prices. There are sites that provide property reports to assist with the pricing. One we have discovered is We have no affiliation with them. We simply found their site to be informative. The next decision is to advertise, with an asking price or no price displayed. If no price displayed, there still needs to be a price range entered in the back end (invisible to buyers) but works for the search criteria. Then there is an Auction or a Private Treaty sale. We believe there is certainly no need to pay to take a block of land to Auction. Handling enquiries with ReDIY. Enquiries will firstly come via us. This is because of the terms of They do not permit contact details to be displayed in the advertising text. When we receive the enquiry from one of the online sites, we forward it to the Seller by email. We also enter it into the Property Dashboard on our site. This is where our Sellers can access all enquiries received on the property. We also email the enquiry, advising them that the seller will be in contact shortly. We request all prospective buyers to sign up, for free, to our site. The advantage of this to our sellers, is that they can communicate directly with each other. We have a “Chat” function available for them to message the Seller direct. Handling offers on your Private Sale of a Block of Land with ReDIY. The Buyer can submit their offer, direct into your property dashboard. The offer will show the price, deposit, preferred settlement date and any conditions. You can accept, counter or reject the offer. The negotiations can continue through the dashboard. If the offer is agreed, a document (Letter of Offer) will be produced to pass over to your solicitor to formalise the offer. Selling a Block of Land Privately, paying no commission and Doing it yourself (DIY) with ReDIY is easy and makes a great deal of sense.

Complete a TICA check through ReDIY

A Landlord’s greatest fear is when a tenant fails to pay the rent or even worse, damages the property. Unfortunately, the fact is, delinquent tenants do exist and costs Landlords millions of dollars each year. What is a TICA check? TICA is Australia’s #1 Tenancy Database. The database contains information on previous delinquent tenancies. Agents and Landlords can list Tenants on the Database when there has been an issue with a previous tenancy. This information needs to be justified and tenants have the right to dispute the information and have their names removed. A 14 Day Pre-Lodgement warning letter must be sent prior to listing a Tenant. Reasons Tenants are listed could be: When a tenant has caused damage to a property and not paid for the repairs - Failure to pay rent - When cleaning, repairs or rent exceeds the bond and the tenant fails to pay. Tenants can also check with TICA. For a cost, a Tenant can check with TICA to see if they are black listed on the Database. They can also receive notifications when their name is being searched by a Landlord or Real Estate Agency. Who is TICA? TICA is 100% Australian owned and operated. Its Directors have firsthand experience and knowledge of what the industry needs when it comes to choosing the right tenant. The TICA National Tenancy Database has grown over the past 25 years to be the largest tenant database in Australia with over 7 million tenant records and over 7000 members. There are 150,000 tenant checks conducted each month. TICA was created for the purpose of empowering Landlords and Real Estate Agents by providing rental history information about your prospective tenant. (Taken from The TICA Web site) Can a Private Landlord go direct to TICA to conduct a search? Yes, however, an annual subscription needs to be paid and then there is a cost per search. Most Landlords may only require 1 or 2 per year, so this is not economical. With ReDIY, you can purchasejust 1 TICA check or we have them available in small bundles. What does the TICA disclose? Any delinquent issues with previous tenancies and other searches conducted on the tenant. Why do a TICA search? It is the most important checking of a Tenant’s Application. When checking the Tenant’s application, the normal reference checks should be done: Their Current Rental Property – From the current Agency or Landlord, a ledger of rental payments should be obtained. A call to the current Property Manager or Landlord should be made to question whether there were any issues during the tenancy. Good questions to ask is “Would you rent to these Tenants again?” “What is the reason for the Tenancy being terminated?” As with their current rental property, the same checking should be conducted on their previous one. Employment References. Speaking with the HR staff member will confirm the length of employment and remuneration details. However, a call to the Tenant’s immediate superior will disclose a lot more information. Personal References should be checked. However, a Tenant is hardly going to use a referee who they believe will not give a glowing reference. Once satisfied with the above checking and you are thinking that they will be a good choice, it is time to conduct the TICA check. This is the final piece in the puzzle. Prior to approving the application and handing the keys over, give yourself that peace of mind. How long does a TICA check take? It is immediate. Provide ReDIY with the necessary information (This is all on the Application Form) and ReDIY will conduct the search. The report will be emailed to you immediately. There is no delay. Managing your own Rental Property can have some pitfalls – rental arrears, property damage. A good way of checking your tenant, before they move in is to conduct the TICA Check. You are giving yourself the best possible chance of selecting the best possible tenant. This should assist in the on-going management of the property. Another way to give yourself peace of mind is to conduct regular inspections. There is a limit to the amount that can be conducted during the tenancy. There are also required forms and notice periods. The Entry Condition Report is one of the most important documents. This should be taken with you when conducting the periodic inspections and Exit Inspections. Ensure it is completed in detail and have photographic evidence. Happy Renting and DIY with peace of mind.

Lease your property privately without an agent DIY.

Renting out your property yourself and paying no let fees and no ongoing management fees will save you a great deal of money. You, more than anyone, know all there is to know about your investment property. You also have a vested interest in ensuring it is tenanted in the shortest amount of time by a thoroughly checked tenant and managed in a professional, caring manner. Unfortunately, this is not always the case when engaging a Real Estate Agency. It is completely understandable why many Landlords are choosing to DIY. So, how to lease your property without an Agent and DIY. Firstly, become knowledgeable with the Legislation in the particular state. The first place to research is the site of the State Tenancy Governing Body. There is so much information available to ensure that you comply with the Legislation. Most have downloadable forms to use. Next, the property need to be prepared. If it is a first time tenanted property or one that has been previously leased, there will still be some minor maintenance, cleaning and tidying up required. The photographs of the property need to be taken and the advertising text needs to be written. Have a look on the major real estate sites to get some inspiration. The heading and the Main Image are the most important as these are the first things seen on online advertising. Pricing the property. Market conditions for rental properties change constantly. Do some research on comparable properties in the same or similar area to compare what they offer to ascertain a fair market rental price. A $20 reduction in the rent can mean a big saving to you, when you look ta vacancy periods. You’ve done your research, the property is ready and the advertising material is ReDIY, so now for the marketing. Where to advertise your Private Rental Property, is the next consideration. Many Private Landlords are of the belief that sites like Gumtree are their only option. Yes, they are free, but are they really the sites that potential tenants would look when searching for a new home? Advertise your Private Rental Property with ReDIY on the major Real Estate Sites. What are the major sites? is Australia’s #1 Real Estate site, followed by, which has a large market share in the southern states, especially in Victoria. does not permit Private Landlords to advertise directly on their site. A Third party site is required for access to their site. That is ReDIY. does permit Private Landlords to directly access their site, but at a high cost and in 30 day increments. ReDIY will advertise your Private Rental Property on,, plus 7 other real estate sites for one fee – UNTIL LEASED. These are the three dominant sites for Rental Properties. These are the sites that tenants search when looking for a new rental property. These are the sites that Real Estate Agencies use. Tenants are aware of this and know that 99% of available properties will be advertised on these sites. When trying to secure a Rental Property through a Real Estate Agent, the tenants are aware that a National Tenancy Database search will be conducted on them. It is standard practise. If relying on sites like Gumtree to find a new rental property, the reason could be to avoid the search. Perhaps they have something to hide. Be aware of this. If you do find a suitable tenant through these sites, do yourself a big favour, and conduct a search, before you approve the application and hand over the keys to your hard earned investment. With ReDIY, you, the Private Landlord, enter the advertising text and upload the photos. This means you can do it at a time that suits you, even if it is 2am. What is entered on our site, feeds immediately to all the sites. No waiting on third party staff to do it. Because of the Terms and conditions of, Landlord contact details are not permitted on the advertisement. We have overcome this objection. We have a “Chat” function on our site so tenants can enquire direct to the Private Landlord. All they need to do is to sign up to our site, for free, and they can enquire directly to the Landlord. It goes to the Property dashboard where the Landlord will see it. If the Landlord happens to be on site, the tenant enquiry can chat directly to the Landlord. When we receive enquiries through the Real Estate Sites, we email them straight to the Landlord as well as entering them into the Property Dashboard. The Landlord can access their property dashboard, 24/7. All enquiries are in one place, so no fear of losing the details. The advertisement remains on all sites until, you, The Landlord changes the Status to “Leased”. There is no limit to the amount of changes or inspection updates that can be made. They can be made by you, 24/7. Our site has an xml feed so when information is entered on our site, it feeds straight away to all sites. So, become one of ReDIY’s very Happy Landlords, advertising on the major Real Estate Sites, finding a good quality tenant, paying no Let Fees or ongoing Management fees and Lease your Rental Property, without an Agent and DIY.

We list on and Privately

Are you a DIY Seller? ReDIY will advertise your Private Sale on, and 8 other dedicated real estate sites. We are the facilitator, to advertise your property for sale, privately, on the major real estate sites. You only pay a one off advertising cost, until SOLD. NO COMMISSION. We assist you, by advertising your Private Sale, so that you can sell it privately. Are you a DIY Landlord? ReDIY will advertise your Private Rental Property on,,, and 4 other dedicated Real Estate Sites for the one off, low cost, until LEASED. There is no let fee or ongoing management fee. We assist you, by advertising your rental property, so that you can DIY. Why do you need ReDIY? In order to list your Private Sale or Private Rental on, you need a third party. does not permit Private Sellers or Private Landlords to have direct access to their site. Why It is, without doubt Australia’s #1 Real Estate site, visited by thousands of buyers and tenants every day. On their site, they state “over 1 million property seekers every day”. Why It is the most popular site for Property seekers in some of the Southern States, especially in Victoria. It costs no more with ReDIY, so even if your property is in a dominated market, why not have the extra exposure? On their site they state “ over 5.9 million active and engaged property seekers, each month. They do permit Private Sellers and Private Landlords to directly access their site, but at a much higher cost, and payments are in 30 day increments. Why choose ReDIY, the best third party site for Private Sellers and Private Landlords, to Sell or Lease your Property.? There are many reasons: The best exposure for your Property – until SOLD or LEASED. Extended Support Hours from ReDIY. Our support staff are available by phone – 1300 707 064, by email – and on our “Chat” function from 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and from 8am to 6pm Saturday, Sunday and Public holidays. These are EST Times. Outside of these hours, a message can be left, which will be answered first thing the following morning. Our Clients also have direct access to a mobile number, to call us, outside of these hours. With ReDIY, the advertisement is “Live”on all sites, straight away. Our site has been built with an XML Feed, which means that it feeds automatically to all the sites. You enter the advertisement to our site and it is “Live” straight away. Most of our competitors rely on a third party uploaded to make the feed. This means it needs to be done during office hours and by their staff. Not with ReDIY. You can do it at any time of the day or night. Unlimited edits to your advert with ReDIY – No Cost – No Delay. Again, because of the XML Feed, you can sign in and make any changes and they feed to all sites straight away. Unlimited changes – no cost – no delay. Enquiries received in your Dashboard. We submit all enquiries for your property in the property dashboard for you to see, any time of the day or night. We also email the details of the enquiry to you. Because of the terms of, your contact details are not permitted on the advertisement. Therefore, the initial enquiry normally comes to us and we pass it on to you via email and in your property dashboard. We also email the enquiry and advise them that their enquiry has been passed on to you. Once the initial contact has been made with them, you can then communicate directly. We encourage all of the enquiries to sign up to our site, for free. When they do, they can “Chat” directly to you and send a direct message to your Property Dashboard. All of the details of all enquiries are in one place – on the Property Dashboard. Very convenient and no chance of misplacing their details. The ReDIY “Chat” Function is amazing. The “Chat” function is where you will find excellent support and advice from our team. It can also be used to communicate directly with your enquiry, again, any time of the day or night. They just need to sign up, for free, with ReDIY. Buyers can submit offers. Once they potential Buyer has inspected the property, they can submit the details of their offer, through your property dashboard – price, deposit, preferred settlement date and any conditions. The negotiation process can continue through the dashboard. Once the offer is accepted, a document will be produced to pass on to your solicitor to formalise the offer. Tenants can submit Applications. Yes, tenants can submit their applications into the Property dashboard for you to access, at any time of the day or night. All applications received will be there, for your comparison. Private Landlords can conduct a Tenancy Database Search. We can conduct a Tenancy Database search, using TICA, Australia’s #1 database. This will disclose if there is any previous delinquent rental history on your chosen applicant – before they move in. ReDIY will enhance your photos. We can enhance your photos. We can change a dull daylight image to a stunning dusk one. We can remove unwanted items from the image. You can order a Sign Board. A signboard is a 24 hour salesperson. We can have a sign erected at your property, upon request, Australia Wide. You can order Property Brochures. Property brochures can be downloaded by tenants or buyers or you can hand them out at the inspection. They are a good reminder of the special features of the property. ReDIY is here to help DIY Sellers and Landlords. We have over 30 years of Real Estate experience in both Property Sales and Property Management. We are here to assist DIY Sellers and Landlords to Sell or Rent their properties - No commission, No Let Fees – No ongoing Management Fees.

Sell your property privately without a Real Estate Agent

Sell your property privately without a Real Estate Agent And pay NO COMMISSION, saving you thousands of dollars. Firstly, the property needs to be prepared FOR SALE. Inspect the property with fresh eyes. Remove the Rose Coloured Glasses. There is sure to be some minor maintenance issues that you have just lived with. It could be leaking taps, loose power points, unsteady railings, weathered steps, peeling paintwork or mould on ceilings. Attend to these. When Buyers are considering submitting an offer on the property, they make a list of all the items that they will have to repair together with an estimated cost. This is part of the justification, in their mind, to submit a lower offer. By attending to them yourself, it will assist you in getting a better price. There are things like: mowing the lawn, edging, yard maintenance, pressure washing driveways and path ways, small painting jobs, clearing out gutters, etc. that do not cost dollars – just time. Attending to these improves the presentation dramatically. Then there is the cleaning and de- cluttering. Remove cobwebs, have carpet professionally cleaned, clean windows and tracks and pressure clean outdoor entertaining areas. These are just some suggestions to improve the presentation of the property, which in turn, will put more money in your pocket. Advertising your Private Sale. The advertising text needs to be written. Check out the major real estate sites, to get some inspiration. The advertising text needs to be informative and appealing. It does not need to contain the typical clichés. Consider not only the property, but also the location and proximity to living conveniences and mention these in the advertisement. Take particular attention to the heading – it needs to grab attention. Photography is next. Now that the property is presented in its best light, photos of the best features can now be taken. Again, make the main image the one that is more likely to grab the attention of Buyers. ReDIY can assist with Image enhancement. Legal Requirements need to be considered and met. Each state has different contractual legislation. Research the necessary conveyancing laws, applicable in your state. Some states require a Contract of Sale be drawn up, prior to going on the market. There is also the Buyers Inspection -Building and Pest Inspections. In some states, it is the Sellers’ responsibility, while in other states it is “Buyer Beware” Pricing the Property is the next consideration. Conduct research on similar sold properties in the area. These can be found on the major Real Estate Sites. Check out the legislation in relation to how the property can be represented, as far as price is considered. This varies from State to State. Market the Private Sale Property to Attract Buyers. This is the important part. You need to make as many Buyers as possible be aware that the property is FOR SALE. Online advertising on major Real Estate sites is where the action is. is Australia’s #1 site and is the market leader in some of the Southern States. Advertise your Private Sale on both major Real Estate Sites with ReDIY for the one cost. Access to for Private Sellers, throughout Australia, is not directly available. Their terms and conditions do not permit Private Sellers to access their site. They need to engage a third party to advertise on their site. ReDIY is that third party that can give Private Sellers Access to to advertise their PRIVATE SALE. does permit Private Sellers to advertise on their site, but at a high cost and in increments of 30 days. ReDIY, for one cost, gives Private Sellers access to, and 8 other sites, UNTIL SOLD, allowing them to Sell Privately as a DIY sale and pay NO COMMISSION. ReDIY has an XML Feed, built in. This means that your advertisement, when entered in ReDIY, feeds automatically to all sites. This means you can do your advertisement at any time of the day or night 24/7. Unlimited edits and updates to the advertisement can be made by you, again, 24/7 and they reflect on all sites immediately. Sign Boards and Brochures with ReDIY. A “FOR SALE” sign is a 24 hour, 7 day a week Salesperson, advising Buyers that the property is for sale. ReDIY can organise one and have it erected at the property. Brochures can be available to Buyers, to download direct from the site. The Seller can choose to have them available at the inspection – a great reminder, for Buyers, to take away. Receiving Enquiries with ReDIY is fast and easy. Because of the policy of, the initial enquiry must come to the third party to abide by their terms. They do not permit the Seller Contact details to appear on the advertisement. We forward the initial enquiry by email as well as entering it into the property dashboard on our site. This means all property enquiries are available 24/7 to sellers, in one place. Sellers simply log in and select the “Enquiry” tab and they appear. Once the initial contact has been made by the Seller to the enquiry, further communication can be direct. When the initial enquiry is received by us, we also email the enquiry, advising them that the Seller will be in contact, shortly. We also suggest they sign up to our site – FOR FREE – to contact the Private Seller directly, either by message or by utilising our Chat function where they can “CHAT” directly to each other. The ReDIY site receives “Offers” from Buyers for our Private Sellers. The prospective Buyer can submit their offer to the Private Seller, directly through the property dashboard. It can be negotiated, backwards and forwards within the site. The Buyer can submit, price, deposit, preferred settlement date and any conditions. The Seller can “Counter” “Accept” or “Reject”. When the offer is acceptable to both parties, a document is produced to pass over to solicitors to formalise the offer. Sell your property privately, market on, and 8 other Real Estate sites, with ReDIY, receive enquiries and offers, and PAY NO COMMISSION.

We can connect all your services

Moving home can be a stressful time. It doesn’t need to be. Help is available. There seems to be so many things that need your attention. This applies to everyone - Sellers, Buyers, Tenants and Landlords. You are not alone. We have joined up with “Your Porter”. They will attend to the disconnections and connections of your utilities, for you, for free. All done, by completing one form – they do the rest. One less issue to worry about. There are so many other things to consider when moving. All the notifications of change of address: Banks, Driver’s License, Car Registrations, Health Funds, Medicare, Schools and Child Care, Insurances, Superannuation Fund plus many more. There always seems to be something that is forgotten. A mail re- direction can help here. There is also the packing, unpacking, gardening and cleaning of both properties. It all seems a monumental task, but it can be done. When Selling and/or buying, you have finance, building and pest inspections as well your solicitor and bank are always needing you to attend to the signing of documents. When renting, there is the Bond and upfront rent to pay as well as the Lease and Bond forms to be signed. The collection of the keys needs to be arranged and a meet up to discuss the use of any of the fixtures and inclusions. If you can get some assistance, why not take advantage, especially when it is FREE. On the ReDIY site, there is a “Connections” tab. Anyone can take advantage of this free service. Simply sign up to ReDIY, for free. Once the connections tab is selected, complete the necessary information – current address, new address, date of move and the connections that you require. They will do the rest for you. There is no need to phone or email each one individually, it is all done in one process. Your Porter will also compare providers, to ensure you get the best possible one, at the best rate. Who and what is Your Porter? Your Porter was created solely to save you the time and hassle of arranging your utility connections. They specialise in moving home connections. At Your Porter, we clearly understand the importance of ensuring the moving experience is memorable, for the right reasons. That’s why our services have been custom designed to save you time, running around and to give you more time to enjoy your new home. (taken from the Your Porter web site - What services can you connect with Your Porter? Electricity, Gas, Phone, Internet, Foxtel and more. Once the form is submitted, Your Porter will make contact the following business day. Your Porter has a Guaranteed Check in Policy. They ensure that electricity is connected on time, every time. If there is a delay, they will resolve the issue and cover emergency accommodation on a case-by-case basis. Your Porter works with many of the major energy and phone suppliers. They also offer a price compare service for things like Home Loans, Life Insurance, Car Insurance, Home and contents Insurance and Health Insurance. All at no cost to you – FREE. It could be an opportune moment to check on these, at the same time. It is not only a clean out of your home, it can be a clean out of your bills. Get on top of everything, all at the same time. You will not only be able to enjoy the new home, you will have peace of mind in the fact that you have the best available plans and pricing for the necessities. Sellers, Buyers, Tenants, Landlords can all take some of the time pressure and stress away from the moving process by getting Your Porter to take care of the connections and dis-connections of the necessary utilities – so quick and easy, AND IT IS FREE.