Sell or Lease your property privately without an agent

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At ReDIY you do not have to commit to advertising your property until you are happy with our service.
However we allow you to sign up and explore the dashboard of our website FOR FREE.

Learn how to sell your property privately without an agent

Why do you need an agent to sell your property? The answer is you do not. All you need is access to the sites where all the buyers for property... [ read more ]

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Learn how to sell your land privately without an agent

Why do you need an agent to sell your block of land? The answer is you do not. All you need is access to the sites where all the buyers for land are... [ read more ]

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Learn how to rent your property privately without an agent

Why do you need to use a property manager to lease your property? The answer is you do not, if you have the tools that they have... [ read more ]

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Sell privately, advertise on major sites, until sold with ReDIY.

Sell your property privately, market on, and 8 other Real Estate sites, with ReDIY, receive online enquiries and online offers, and PAY NO COMMISSION. Unlimited edits to advertisement, 24/7.

We advertise on and Privately

ReDIY advertises Private Sales on and, plus 8 other sites, until sold for Private Sellers to DIY – They pay no commission. ReDIY advertises Private Rentals on and, plus 8 other sites for Private Landlords, until leased to DIY - no let or management fees.

Sell your block of land and pay no commission!

Selling a block of land, privately makes a lot of sense - No need to pay commission. The block of land shows itself. An Agent is very unlikely to take prospective buyers, or even meet them at the site, for them to inspect. The prospective buyers will do it all by themselves. Save thousands of dollars and DIY with ReDIY. The land needs to be marketed where it will be seen by buyers - Online advertising. Advertise your block of land, with ReDIY, on, and 6 other real estate sites to attract buyers. Advertising Private Sales of Land on the major Real Estate sites with ReDIY. does not permit direct access for Private Sellers to advertise on their site. Private Sellers need a third party, like ReDIY, to gain access to their site. We are a facilitator for Private Sellers to advertise on We charge no commission. There is just the one off payment for advertising. The advertisement remains on all sites until sold. Domain does permit Private Sellers access to their site. However, their charges are higher, for just the one site and are charged in 30 day increments. How long does it take the private land sale advert to “Go Live”. With ReDIY – immediately. Our site has been built with an XML feed (Approved by the major sites) so it feeds to all sites straight away. There is no need for a third party, bulk uploader. When you enter the advertising text and upload the photos, select “Go Live” and it will feed to all sites. This can be done at any time 24/7. Editing your advertisement with ReDIY. You can make unlimited edits and updates to the advertisement and again, the changes will feed to all sites, immediately. And again, by you, from any device, at any time, 24/7. Use your 24 hour Salesperson. A signboard, at the front of the block of land, is the best Real Estate Salesperson. The For Sale sign is working, non-stop. It is letting buyers in the area know that it is for sale. It will also capture the attention of buyers that are driving or walking past. For a low cost, it could very well attract the best buyer for your land. ReDIY can supply a sign and have it erected. Advertising your block of land for Private Sale. The advertising text should include the dimensions of the block, the frontage and the slope of the block. Information in relation to the power, sewerage and water are also items that are requested by buyers and are important issues they consider. If a Soil test has been conducted, this should also be mentioned or included. The photography should include an overhead image of the block, an image of the likely view, sewerage and drainage diagrams, and any building plans that may be available. Address or no Address. With a vacant block of land, it is a good idea to display the full address on the advertising. It makes it easier for buyers to drive by and to conduct investigations on the block. Many use Dial before you Dig, to obtain lots of relevant information. Having the RP Data information is also of assistance to buyers to make enquiries with the Local Governing body. Pricing the block. Conduct research, using sites like and to check on recent sales in the local area. Comparing sold prices is a lot more accurate that looking at asking prices. There are sites that provide property reports to assist with the pricing. One we have discovered is We have no affiliation with them. We simply found their site to be informative. The next decision is to advertise, with an asking price or no price displayed. If no price displayed, there still needs to be a price range entered in the back end (invisible to buyers) but works for the search criteria. Then there is an Auction or a Private Treaty sale. We believe there is certainly no need to pay to take a block of land to Auction. Handling enquiries with ReDIY. Enquiries will firstly come via us. This is because of the terms of They do not permit contact details to be displayed in the advertising text. When we receive the enquiry from one of the online sites, we forward it to the Seller by email. We also enter it into the Property Dashboard on our site. This is where our Sellers can access all enquiries received on the property. We also email the enquiry, advising them that the seller will be in contact shortly. We request all prospective buyers to sign up, for free, to our site. The advantage of this to our sellers, is that they can communicate directly with each other. We have a “Chat” function available for them to message the Seller direct. Handling offers on your Private Sale of a Block of Land with ReDIY. The Buyer can submit their offer, direct into your property dashboard. The offer will show the price, deposit, preferred settlement date and any conditions. You can accept, counter or reject the offer. The negotiations can continue through the dashboard. If the offer is agreed, a document (Letter of Offer) will be produced to pass over to your solicitor to formalise the offer. Selling a Block of Land Privately, paying no commission and Doing it yourself (DIY) with ReDIY is easy and makes a great deal of sense.

Complete a TICA check through ReDIY

Private Landlords complete a TICA check through ReDIY, searching tenant rental history, selecting quality tenants and managing own rental property, DIY, no let fees or management fees. Advertise on major Real Estate sites with ReDIY, until leased. DIY Landlords receive enquiries and applications online with ReDIY.

We can connect all your services

ReDIY clients connect utilities for free with Your Porter-Sellers, landlords, buyers, tenants.

Lease your property without a Real Estate agent DIY

Lease your property without an Agent and be a DIY Landlord, advertise on,, and 7 other real estate sites with ReDIY, pay no let fees or ongoing management fees and get it leased fast. Private Landlords get a TICA Search to ensure a good tenant.